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How long after sale can a buyer wait to claim a refund?

I have just received a message for a buyer on that auction site saying their item wasn’t received. It was posted on the 10th of November. It seems to me this is a long time to wait to report an item as missing as they could have used it all in that time. I have googled it but can’t really find anything. Am I still responsible after 2 months?

I know how shockingly disorganised my other half is about contacting companies when stuff hasn’t arrived (I think 6 weeks was his record) and if they have been dealing with floods/ clear up after floods I can understand if they have had other priorities than chasing the mail. If you are still within royal mail’s limits for claiming the item as lost (there is an 80 working days limit I think) so that you can recoup your costs then I’d offer them a replacement as a gesture of good will rather than a refund.

I contacted the buyer as they’d already left me feed back and it turns out they sent me the message by mistake. But I’d still be interested to know. I did find out you can’t open a case on e*ay after 45 days.

I think paypal have a limit for refunds, as do most credit card companies, although I have no idea how long they are. I do know that buyers can claim refunds from both if you don’t agree to refund directly, and you would have to be able to prove it was delivered to avoid a chargeback from them. It might be worth checking what their time limits are.

That auction site only give you about 35 days to get a refund.
Then you can start a case against the buyer/seller.
Then it’s upto the auction site if you get a refund.

The auction site has limitations in place. A buyer cannot request a refund or open a case officially outside of these. I dont know how long they give buyers im afraid. The whole process can be very annoying. I recently contacted a seller direct instead of opening a case as my order arrived earlier than expected so the site wouldnt recognise it had arrived. Had to wait until the item was expected to be delivered before anything could be done officially on either end and all due to one pack of card being missed from the order.
If they can officially open a case as in use the button to contact you that says item did not arrive rather than just opening a convo with you then by selling under that sites banner i would say that you would be liable yes. But phew not needed this time.

Having just checked my purchases there, i am given the option to lodge an official i did not recieve the item for as long as 3 months from purchase date. Guess its to cover delayed international stuff.

They must of changed since I last asked for a refund

Buyers on eBay have 30 days from the last delivery estimate on the order in which to open a case on eBay and escalate it. After that 30 days, they can open a case, but it can’t be escalated. They have 60 days in which to leave feedback.

Cases can be opened in PayPal for up to 180 days from the payment date.

Cases can only be opened on either eBay OR PayPal - they can’t be opened on both platforms, for obvious reasons.


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