Folksy Ltd

What does this e mail from Folksy mean?

(Kim May) #1

I’ve had an e mail from Folksy saying the the items in my shop have not been on sale for some time and I have to remove them if they are not available. As far as I’m concerned they are all on sale and available. I have e mailed back asking for more info but not heard anything yet. This is now on top of the other problem I have of not receiving payments (although buyers have proof they paid), which I’m still trying to sort out with Pay Pal who are being extremely unhelpful. I’ve been selling on here for a couple of years now, so I think I pretty much know if I’m doing something wrong but then again, I am getting older and more senile! Can anybody shed some light on what this e mail means? and why my items are showing as unavailable?

(Kim May) #2

No need for anyone to answer as I have now heard from Folksy and they have explained. I had a tag line saying the dolls were not available anymore in my shop due to testing regs. I forgot to remove the tag line when I put the dolls back on! Silly me. Lesson learned. Folksy should also have made this more clear in their first e mail.