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What have you made that you are the most proud of? :)

(Kam) #1

I personally love it when I have designed something that I am just really chuffed about! Lol, what have you made that you love? This is one of my favourites :smile:

(CopperTobi) #2

I really loved this pair of earrings:

Unfortunately they were bought by someone who not read descriptions… And review I received was… dreadful…

(Kam) #3

They are beautiful! Sorry to hear that you didn’t get a very good review on them x

(CopperTobi) #4

Thank you Kam :slight_smile:

(Lisa Harrison) #5

Proud of the cardigan I crocheted for my wedding day

(Kam) #6

Beautiful :heart:

(Grimm Exhibition) #7

Im mid make with this flared sleeve broderie anglaise top. Its not finished yet so still room for disaster but happy with it so far.


I am always proud of my latest creation until I create a new thing which I think is better and so on. So here is my latest painting that I am currently very proud of :smile: