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What is your favorite thing you have ever made?

(Sarah Elliott) #1

I thought it might be fun to start a thread to show off your favorite item. Something you are really proud of. I always find its the last thing I made!

So what is your favorite piece in your shop and why?

Mine is currently the piece below as I love how the illustration turned out. This was also my first go at doing a pin setting which worked brilliantly and I now use it in all my work and I really want to make a few more to sell at craft fairs.

Sarah x

(Donna) #2

My rose petal soaps, I have been making them for years now and still love them :smile:

Donna x

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I can vouch for those rose petal soaps, I love them too! :smile:

(Donna) #4

@Louisa15 Thank you :smile: my whole house smells like that, I make little bags full of bicarb soaked in the rose oil as air fresheners and I put it in the filter of my vacuum cleaner lol I may have a bit of a rose obsession going on lol

Donna x

(Grimm Exhibition) #5

Heres one of mine, Im a sparkle fanatic. I made a long version too. Im not making jeweller anymore so its on sale, grab a bargain while you can.

(Louise Flude ) #6

I like this cat collar the most, so much that I made one for my own cat and my dog :slight_smile:

(Sarah Elliott) #7

That is such a cute collar! I love the choice of colours.

(Organized Chaos) #8

It’s a really cute collar Louise. Sadly I don’t have my cat anymore else I would definitely have bought one for her!

(Organized Chaos) #9

I recently started making these shell nest pendants from real shells and beads. I’ve made several now in different colours. Can’t seem to stop making them!

(Brenda Cumming) #10

Money?? (lol…)

(Louise Flude ) #11

Thanks @OrganizedChaos :slight_smile:

(Louise Flude ) #12

@SEElliott I love using crazy colour combinations.

(Ann Chandler) #13

This is my favourite vintage fabric cushion cover. I love this French 1950s atomic fabric so much that I have used a photograph of it as my banner and on all my business cards and branding


(Melanie Commins) #14

My rainbow passport cover … and it’s just as well that it’s my favourite because it’s also my best seller and I have made an awful lot of them! :smile:

(Flambeaux Jewellery) #15

They look divine.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #16

Well, this book is one of my favourites. The cover paper is just so lovely and I’ve sold a lot of books made with this!


(Kylie Tilley) #17

I love my bunting but love my fox one even more.

(Fallon1986) #18

It would have to be my biscuit assortment bracelet, I love just how miniature it is!!
Two available in my shop (limited edition) before they are sold out forever!!

(Melanie Commins) #19

Love the fox bunting! :slight_smile:

(Claire Musgrove ) #20

I love my heirloom baby jacket, it was a joy to make, I love making baby items, the yarn is so soft!

Claire xx