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What video editing programme do you use?

(Jan Ryan) #1

I need help from you lovely lot…
I have a couple of videos I’ve taken and would like to put them on my blog and facebook but I’d like to crop them.

I’ve had a look on google and there are soooo many free programmes out there it was making my head spin trying to make sense of them all.

Do you make and edit your own video’s? if so I’d love some recommendations for a simple to use programme… the simpler the better :slight_smile:

Jan x

(Hazel Rayfield) #3

Hi Jan

I use the one that comes with windows. Windows movie maker I think it called. I’m on my phone not PC at moment so can’t look.

It’s easy to use and we have produced lots of good quality videos with it. I have several on my website and YouTube - I was even commissioned last year to make a couple of videos of me painting using a US brand of encaustic supplies which needed a lot of editing - the out takes were very funny. Lol

Hope this helps



(Jan Ryan) #4

Hi Hazel, thanks for your reply, I tried the Windows movie Maker, the only problem is it doesn’t crop the video!! I googled it and it doesn’t have this option :disappointed:

(Hazel Rayfield) #5

Hi Jan

Maybe I miss understood, I cut my videos about in Movie Maker, take out sections I don’t like, or I giggle !!! I can make sections double or triple speed, that sort of thing. But maybe you mean crop part of the picture out? If so no it doesn’t do that but I think we added some text over a bit once to cover up something lol

Hope you get it sorted.

Your post inspired me today, so while we were waiting to go out hubby video me painting - just a quickie - no editing - from phone to Facebook lol