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What we're working on at Folksy

(Camilla) #1

One of the things we’re working on at the moment is how to tell you about what we’re working on at the moment.

So we thought we’d try putting it all in a monthly blog post where you can see what we’ve been doing and what’s coming next. We’d really love your feedback, and want it to be more of an interactive thing - a chance for us to keep you in the loop with developments and for you to tell us what you think about our plans.

The blog post is here ----->

So hop on over and leave a comment, or post one here if that’s easier.

Also, if you have any brilliant ideas for features, don’t forget that you can make suggestions and vote for ideas on our Knowledge Base.

(Pauline Hayward) #2

It’s good to see you’ve decided to bring back keywords, hopefully they will help a lot of people to get their items noticed, including me.
Thank you.

(Minerva) #3

I think improving / working on the Search is great. The gift guides you are creating are great and always nicely presented. But as others have said before, if some sellers are not included and on top of that, if the Search is not working well, then the chances of being found are slim. Occasionally, I do searches to see if my items come up and I get items not really matching or just 2 pages when I’m sure there are more. We should have both ways working well - Gift Guides and Search.

(Joy Salt) #4

We’re going to start work on bringing tags / keywords back into Folksy. If you have a long memory you might remember that we stopped using tags back in 2012 as they were becoming unwieldy to manage and maintain. But they were popular and we know they can help support browsing around Folksy and now we have a strategy to make it relatively easy to maintain them. It’s a small thing but we’re really excited by it.

I’m excited too. Thank you for listening :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Jo Sara) #5

Improving search results when a customer is browsing the site is good, but will the keywords also be picked up by search engines to help bring the customer to the site in the first place?


(Amberlilly) #6

All sounds good! Look forward to the updates.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #7

Thanks for the hard work and for keeping us in the loop & asking for opinions and feedback.

Glad tags and keywords are coming back - so long as they are used in searches!

(Sue Mellem) #8

Thanks for this.

Really glad that you’re bringing keywords back. I’m sure it will make a welcome improvement to the search function and experience for customers.

Interested to know your views on @JoSara’s query whether they will be picked up by search engines to bring people - hopefully some new customers - to Folksy

(Samantha Stanley) #9

I wasn’t here when keywords were used the first time round but they sound like a good idea and I’m very interested to see how they will work!

Sam :fish:

(Heidi Meier) #10

@Folksycontent - that’s a very useful post to read, thanks for that! And hi to Tom!

(So Sew Megan) #11

Thanks. It’s great to know what’s planned and how much work is going on behind the scenes.

(Susan Mochrie) #12

Good idea. I’ve just read it and excuse me if I ask “Are there plans to allow direct payment with credit cards?” Also can you look into why I get so many non payers, it surely has something to do with the checkout system. Please review the experience from a buyer’s point of view and make it all very simple and straight forward for them to complete a purchase, many thanks, Sue

(James Boardwell) #13

Actually keyword metadata in the page has next to no search value with Google. So item pages won’t benefit although index pages for a tag e.g. the page of all the things tagged “rabbit” would generate search value if they were popular.

What is probably more significant is using the tag data in other ways, mainly through helping buyers move ‘sideways’ through the site and have a more serendipitous experience. For example, if you are browsing on an item page and you like the necklace of a silver-plated house you may want to go to see what other things have been tagged “house”. We don’t have a category for house and well, some people just want to see a range of more interesting and random things than categories let you see.

We hope it will become a useful way to promote more widely around folksy so you can see trending and popular tags etc.

(Jo Sara) #14

Ok, thanks for explaining the keyword use a bit further James :+1:

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #15

@JamesB if a customer types a word /words in the search box, will item listings containing that word in the Tag keywords be picked up by the Folksy search process?

(Leslie Morton) #16

This is great news! I am so glad you are implementing this form of SEO into Folksy. At least I know how to use tags to my advantage.