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May 2015: What we've been working on at Folksy HQ

Our May update has been published on the Folksy blog:

Please have a read and add your comments or questions for @JamesB in reply to this forum post.



Interesting changes…

  1. Google listing ads: Will you be picking the products for PLAs? Can we opt in / out?

  2. Transactional emails: I don’t mind receiving “your item is now in a gift guide” email, but the rest of the transactions might be too much…

Well done Folksy, all seems good to me. In particular the introduction of tags. Also like the idea of transactional emails - I like to know what’s going on!

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@minerva - hi:

  1. We’re going to be growing the small sample of 1.5k products to a far larger sample of 10k +. at this stage we’re trying to assess if it is cost effective. we doubt very much if it will be cost effective for items at £10 or less - however - we’re working on the lifetime value of a customer and not the actual order value (averaging around £18-19). Once we know the cost of the PLA work we can assess how we pay for it going forward. If it is not cost effective for us (i.e. it results in a loss on our current revenue model) then it could be something that we charge for. We could build the software to allow people to opt in and out on a shop by shop basis and pay a flat fee for doing that. Managing Google Adwords and PLAs is quite hard so it may be worth us managing that for people.
  2. Yes, good point - we’d probably offer this as a “every event” email or a daily digest email.

@Thecraftycurioshop thanks :slight_smile:

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I really appreciate these updates, it’s good to know what you’ve been working on and they make you guys seem more accessible.Thanks.


Thanks for the update. More exposure on Google will hopefully bring in more sales for us and more income for Folksy, so that’s a good thing for everyone :smile:

This is excellent news, my products sell really well on Etsy due to google listing ads but I hardly ever make any sales on Folksy which is a real shame. I have only recently re-opened my shop as it hadn’t been worth it before but I really liked the changes that had happened within the year I had been away.

Just one question that’s worth considering: All of my items come up really high in google search, I have spent a long time learning how to SEO all of my listings, and regularly tweak my titles and keywords however I that google hates duplicate content so do you think that when these changes come in I would have to have a bit of a jiggle around with the listing description?

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This is brilliant news, thank you!

If you have to increase the fees a few pence to implement Google PLA then I would say please go ahead.

Access to tags will be wonderful - will we have to select from your list like with colours, or just type in our own?