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What's the oldest thing in your shop?

This must be mine…it is one of the original batch of keyrings that I made for Folksy. It must have been here for four years!I thought people loved dolphins…Time to go to the charity shop, little dolphin?
What’s been in your shop the longest?

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This rose is the subject of my very first video demonstration which you can see on youtube … I didn’t put it for sale for a long time so it is a couple of years old now, but not been for sale as long …

The extra special thing about this rose is you can watch me paint it …

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Mine is most of my sterling silver lampwork jewellery, I just can’t seem to sell it :frowning:

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These two bags were some of the first items I made to ‘sell’ - still waiting, lol!

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Hi All

Here’s the first thing, I think, that I ever listed… and it’s still here.

I love it but obviously others don’t… I think it’s because I can’t seem to get the pictures quite right.
Don’t be downhearted though, people. I had a necklace on my website for ages. I really wasn’t sure about it and was on the point of taking it off and re-cycling the beads, but just couldn’t seem to get around to it. Just as it was in the Last Chance Saloon… it sold!
So never give up… your things are beautiful; they just haven’t found their Soulmate yet.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday

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I’ve just bought your little dolphin :smile: I couldn’t bear the thought of him going to the charity shop! He will make a lovely little birthday present for my friend next week :smile:

This isn’t the oldest thing in my Folksy shop - It was listed on my website first - but it is one of the original batch of bags that I made when I first started out 3 1/2 years ago, and it still hasn’t sold!


I have a cross stitch country chic keyring that’s been in my shop for a year now

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Thanks so much for buying my little dolphin,@LakeRoad! I envy him his trip to the lovely Lake District!

Jo, What fabulous beads you have in your shop. I almost wish I made jewellery just to buy some. I’ve never come across a shop with over 650 items in it, WOW, you keep busy.

These have been around for ever, in pink, lilac AND blue!


Thank you Liz, I like to keep busy as you can tell LOL.

Goodness, Carol - I’ve seen beads like those for sale for £3 EACH!!
It’s odd isn’t it, how things we love for ourselves never go quite as quickly.
(on the flip side I made a pair of earrings at a fair the other week which were abused as “ugly” by my craft partner. I put them out anyway and they were the first thing to be sold)
This might be the oldest thing in the shop (that or the pink chain) I had a clear out of non movers when my plus account ended.
This one was a commission piece that the customer never collected.

creepy spec chain…

Hmm. Still haven’t worked out photos on here, it seems

Apart from me , this is the oldest thing in my shop. Strange that I haven’t sold any of these yet when I was in a B&M craft centre I couldn’t make enough.

What is going on with posting these photo’s, I thought I had got the hang of it by posting 2 links, now I post 2 and it doesn’t work then I try it with 1 and it works. Does any one know what is going on.???

Mmm, I think this is the oldest item I have . Gosh , I didn’t realise they have been around for 1 1/2 yrs :// argh ! I loved making these and matching some sassy sayings to these lovely retro gals ! hey ho !
I’m surprised at some of the above items not found homes either !!! it’s just a matter of time I’m sure :smile: To quote Carol @OrganizedChaos - they just haven’t found their soulmate !!

I am also the oldest thing in my shop too norfolkwoodcrafts - but most of my items are made to order but i do have my Koala Tea Cosy still as i made him to add more animals to my collection and no one wants him :frowning:

This is the first item I listed on Folksy in September and I still have it - for some reason it hasn’t sold. Maybe I should just keep it for myself.

This little one, she was the first ever card I designed and printed :blush: she could probably do with a little makeover!

Katy x

This is mine, it’s a few years old now and has been relisted a few times along the way! When I first opened my shop I had a several similar brooches listed in various colours and worked more in this style. My brooches have since changed in style but am ever hopeful for a buyer for this one!