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Shops that have had no sales yet - Promote Here

(Crystal Clarke) #1

This is the place for those Folksy shops that havn’t had any sales yet.

List items here that you would like to be promoted and I will try and share them to as many social media platforms as possible. It would be nice if you share others items as well :slight_smile:

Once you get a sale let us know :slight_smile:

(Faye Lamb) #2

What unusual jewellery @CrystalClarkeJewellery and beautiful too.

I have had my Folksy shop for several years, but only just begun to list items for sale back in September. I am yet to have a sale and I would love to have one. I suspect it is because I need to learn more about taking photographs. Also my partner has just come on board to assist with listings (he has been doing the buttons this week) and he needs to learn and gain experience too.

Anyway, here a few of my favourite items in my shop.

I am running a 10% discount for this month too. Just use GIFTGIVER when prompted for the code.
In addition I have set up the store to take card payments too.

Any further advice on how to make my listings a bit more desirable to clients then please do let me know. I am still learning.

(Catherine Marsh) #3

Thank you for opening this thread! I opened my shop a couple of weeks ago selling ink cards - both original drawings and prints. I’ve done an overhaul of the photography last week and my views are slowly going up just haven’t been graced by the sales fairy yet! I’m highlighting my Christmas cards at the moment with a new gingerbread design up this morning as both a print and an original though not sure if I’ve left it slightly too late. Any tips greatly appreciated!

(Faye Lamb) #4

@MountainOfDots I love the gingerbread men cards. so lovely. I have shared and added to Pinterest too. Best of luck

(Catherine Marsh) #5

@UnravelandUnwind thank you so much! I’ve found you on instagram (still working out how it works) and given you a follow

(Faye Lamb) #6

Thanks Catherine, I shall follow back. There are far too many social media places, it’s hard to keep track. Facebook has been so slow but I am finally getting the hang of instagram thanks to the help of my teenage daughter who hangs out there all the time.

(loveableCo) #7

Thanks for this link. No sales for me yet @loveableco

(loveableCo) #8

Hi Catherine,

I found you on instagram and am now following you.


(loveableCo) #9

Hi Faye,

I have favourited your folksy shop and followed you on facebook and instagram

(loveableCo) #10


What a lovely idea!! I have favourited your folksy shop and followed you on instagram and facebook.


(Crystal Clarke) #11

Wonderful items @UnravelandUnwind @MountainOfDots @loveableCo I have shared various items to facebook, twitter and pinterest and followed on Instagram :slight_smile:

I think if I try and share others items it might help us get seen and start getting those sales :slight_smile:

(Crystal Clarke) #12

Thank you @UnravelandUnwind for your lovely words :slight_smile:

(Crystal Clarke) #13

Your welcome @MountainOfDots I felt I wanted to open a thread as there are a lot of shops not getting noticed, so I hope this thread will help in some way :slight_smile:

(Crystal Clarke) #14

Thank you at @loveableCo I have followed you back. Also @UnravelandUnwind and @MountainOfDots I have followed and liked you where I could find you :slight_smile:

(Plumporridge) #15

I will gladly share on my Fb page any pages who post here and say they would like some shares, I haven’t got a huge following, but you never know it might help get that first sale.

Can I remind everyone that you can join in at British Crafters most weekdays and it’s a fun way to promote and support each other for free.

Good luck everyone xxx

(Crystal Clarke) #16

Thank you @plumporridge any shares would be great. I love British Crafters and often join in :slight_smile: x

(FozbomProductions) #17

Still no Folksy sales for me! I write, make and sell Murder Mystery Party box sets. Great idea for a quirky christmas present, they are so much fun! Just about to release a new set too. Here is the last new set…

(Sweet Pea) #18

No Folksy sales for me - I am not counting the bag my very supportive friend bought!

I started selling in August, so am feeling a bit disappointed to have not made any proper sales. I have tried to boost things by increasing my presence online with twitter/instagram/pinterest/facebook but am still learning how best to do that! The 12daysoffolksy instagram challenge is a great learning tool!

Anyway, if anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated!

Here is one of my items:

(Catherine Marsh) #19

I’ve “loved” a few of your bags and followed you on instagram. I like your product photographs, they look like good quality bags at a good price so my only guess would be that they’re maybe not showing up in searches often enough? For getting “loves” and views I’ve found posting new listings on the daily listing challenge thread gives a real boost to your views (though you do have to click through everyone else’s products and like them too) though not actually landed a sale yet so maybe I’m not the best person to take advice from! Good luck!

(Plumporridge) #20

I’m surprised you haven’t sold any of your lovely bags yet @onesweetiepea. I love the fabrics and have shared one of my favourite bags on my Fb page just now, I hope it brings some views. xxx