Where did the App go?

My Folksy App crashed, so I deleted it and went to the App Store to re-load and it is no longer available… I hope this is good news because there is an upgrade happening but some warning would have been nice, unless I missed something?

I reported this yesterday. No longer on the App Store the iPad threw a paddy and deleted it all together. Still working on the iPhone atm but if goes cannot get back.

Can you report to support to stop them thinking I am going bonkers, gave them the iOS number etc.

Sorry about this, it isn’t intentional but Apple seem to have removed the app from the App Store. We’re currently trying to sort it out to get it back.

Thank goodness Kim as love the search function when trying to do my stock take.

Yes, really sorry about this. We’re still working through this and hopefully will have some good news to share soon.

Yay it’s back !

Yes! It should be back for most people now. We are waiting 24 hours before letting you all know since it can sometimes take that long to show back up for everyone, but worth checking if you’re waiting for it.

Thank you for your patience whilst we resolved this issue.

Back and used it fine.