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Where did you learn your craft?

(Camilla) #1

Where and how did you learn your craft skills?

Are you formally trained or self-taught? Maybe you spent time as an apprentice training with another craftsperson, or learned a craft by taking a workshop? Did formal education give you all the skills you need or is experience the best teacher?

What do you think are the best resources available online? Have you picked up skills through YouTube tutorials or a Craftsy class? Have you ever tried Sketchbook Skool?

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#FolksyHour on Twitter
(Camilla) #2

If you missed the #folksyhour chat last night, here’s a recap…

(Angela Finch) #3

I initially learnt jewellery making on my honeymoon. It was a cruise, and there was a sea day, so we decided to do a workshop. After that I have used books, dvds, jewellerymaker TV and Facebook groups. Now and again I have also used You Tube.

What I love about crafting is that there is always something new to learn.

(Marg) #4

I attended a few craft/art courses when my children were little, but never seemed to have time to take them further. Now my time is my own, I am making lots to fill my shop again. I learnt my sewing skills from my mum (who was a tailoress) who showed me how to cut out patterns at a very early age, although she didn’t use patterns to cut out our dresses.

(Brenda Cumming) #5

I have done many crafts over the years and have always taught myself. I always wanted to be an art teacher but life got in the way. I used to design and make knitwear but my hands are arthritic now and so I have had to give that up…so I decided to return to painting…I bought every book and dvd I could afford and Youtube has been brilliant too. The more I paint, the more I learn and I learn something new every day.