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? What do you think about craft today ?- Your opinion

Hi there,

I wanted to start a discussion on craft today and everyones thoughts and feelings on the subject.

A few questions to get started…

Why do you think craft is important? How can we keep traditional skills going in a technology changing digital world? Who are your top crafter/ designer inspirations that you look up to?
How do you feel about the high street shops and their online presence?

Will be great to hear your thoughts!

I’ve no idea about to crafter/designer as I don’t ‘follow’ people myself I just make things I enjoy making, use my own imagination, and listen to what my repeat customers.

How we keep it alive is show off what we can do, talk about our work, offer to teach people, encourage those who create.

Teach our children

Don’t bother looking for handmade crafted items in high street shops as they devalue our work when they do sell handmade items at extremely devalued prices in some sweat shop. This brings the real price of a hand crafted item.

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These are great answers. I think keeping crafting alive today can be a challenge only because of the ever changing world of technology, shops are creating things at low prices and encouraging shoppers to buy. Whereas us crafters have such passion to bring something unique, something that is so different that is made from the heart. It can be hard to put a price on crafted items. How do you price up yours? Also how do you feel about craft/ design subjects in schools?

oh yes and who really wants massed produced items when you can get quality limited edition and one off items that no else has/

As for crafting programmes on TV well they are a two edge sword. While they bring crafts to a wider audience they do tend to make it look like anyone can do it without any time spent learning developing their skill levels and don’t take into account the time taken to produce an item.

Time is money and we need to be paid for the time it takes to develop and create an item and for the time it’s taken us to gain the higher level of skill. Learning means equipment and material have to be bought, used and often as part of the journey to gain a higher skill level consigned to the bin. All this costs money it’s called training and research and development. None of this is ever explained in these programmes.

This is a very interesting point especially about the Tv programmes. It is great to hear others opinions on the subject, Craft is such a wonderful subject.

Hi Hayley

Do you have a shop on here? You can add a link from your forum posts (see the little shopping trolley next to my name here? ) which might help you get visitors.

Having said that, I can’t remember how I did it, but I’m sure someone else can tell us!


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Hello Hayley

For me craft is important for differing reasons. For some it’s like a hobby they do at home, something they may have learnt with the family or taught themselves, and is something that lifts their spirits. For others it is more of a business, with a focus on making money.

High street shops generally sell mass produced items, and if listed as handmade they will have been made by people hired to create to a design brief. In order for these pieces to be high street affordable, they probably have been made abroad where the makers are paid very little compared to British makers. However you will have occasional independently owned shops that sell bespoke/handmade items that are British made, with the price tag to match. These shops, due to their prices, will be situated in affluent areas where those that can afford such luxuries live/work.

Some people get a thrill out of owning handmade. I bought a piece of (expensive for me) jewellery on here, because it was unique, I could see it was made with skill and the creator listed how it was made. She even told me it was going to be featured in Vogue. Whenever I wear it I get comments!! I feel great when I wear it, and I don’t feel the same about a £12.99 necklace I bought in Next. Handmade = special!


I always think the TV programmes depend on who hosts them. I don’t like Kirsty Allsop hosting programmes about craft as she is basically someone who “tries” things. The Great British Sewing Bee, on the other hand, is great because the professionals are there to tell the viewers how things should be done properly, and they see the results of rushed or inexpert work.

Sam x

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So what crafts do you do?


Hi there, I absolutely love Lino printing, knitting, painting, graphic design, general drawing, making anything and everything I can by hand.

Have you any examples of your work? I would love to see them.