Where have the Tweet and Pinterest buttons gone?

My Tweet and Pinterest buttons were there yesterday morning but they have now disappeared. Is it just me or have everyone’s gone?

I cannot see them either! Any ideas as to where they have gone @dougfolksy

I used them both last night very late when I added 2 new listings.

Just listed something and mine were still there.

They seem to come and go! Have just listed 4 items and on two of the listings they had disappeared!

I can only catch them just after i had listed and before i exit the listing.


Just created a new listing this afternoon and my buttons were missing aswell, thought it was weird at tge time.

@dougfolksy Please will you restore our Pinterest and Twitter buttons. When I list a new piece, most days, I tweet it, I pin it. That helps to spread the Folksy word. I get visits to my shop via Pinterest, quite a lot really.
Without my tweet and pin button I will no longer be able to share my Folksy shop listings to the detriment of everyone.
PS I just listed a new piece and it has only on new listings the button has been there for some years now… but… no pins today on my new listing…~

PS I have emailed Support about this as I think it is very important that the buttons are put back.


They were back yesterday and have gone again today. Please can we have them back Doug?