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Which Camera shall I buy

(Maureen Brazier) #1

Thinking of buying myself a new camera. My husband has been doing my photography but I would like to do my own just for convenience. I am not a photographic person and I am wondering which camera to buy. It needs to be simple, suitable for photographs for online and reasonable priced. The camera my husband uses is far to complicated for me and I dont dare play around with it - it was a bit expensive. I am sure there must be a reasonably priced one that would suit me. What are you all using??? Advice please

(Donna) #2

I have a Sony cyber shot, it’s really easy to use :grinning:

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(James Alden) #3

Fuji S2500,18x optical zoom,later models 30x,a hybrid between point and shoot and dslr,enormous battery life with aa batteries,can be used on auto as point and shoot but has many more features for when you progress such as panoramic,at a bit over £100 well worth looking at.

(Maureen Brazier) #4

Thanks James – I’ll have a look at it - that’s about the price I was thinking of

(James Alden) #5

Mine has been excellent,the new model may be S3000,don’t know,but the zoom has been upgraded and you get electronic view finder as well as screen,very usefull when I am trying to find a butterfliy among the brambles.

(Samantha Stanley) #6

I like Donna’s thinking. Sony cameras are really intuitive and easy to use. If you just want a point and shoot the Cybershot series are the best out there. If you were looking for a system tho’ Sony get quite expensive.

Sam x

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(Maureen Brazier) #7

Many thanks Donna @RedDragonDesigns - James @gingakats and Samantha @SamanthaStanley - have looked at the Fuji - nice camera - now looking at the Sony - think this looks nice and simple - point and shoot is really what I am looking for. Obviously needs to be good for sharing and photos on Folksy etc giving clear detail of items. I appreciate your thoughts on this - now it seems as though I have to open my purse and take the plunge - Maureen

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(Donna) #8

Maureen, Ours is this one,

and to give you an idea of what it can do this is super macro

and this is the Ironbridge power station from around 20 miles away!

It has a great automatic focus and will tell you if your why your photo will look rubbish lol
Donna x

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(Samantha Stanley) #9

My favourite thing about the Sony Cybershot (and mine is quite old and I’ve never changed it) is that it is nearly impossible to delete photographs by accident.

My sister in law gave her camera to an elderly relative so they could see the shots of her first child’s christening and they managed to delete all of them one by one. Gutted. This won’t happen with the Cybershot.

Sam x

(Donna) #10

Oh no, that’s terrible! It’s not easy to accidentally delete photos on our camera. Even so I have all mine backed up on google photos, iCloud and on an external hard drive, just in case lol :expressionless:

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(Samantha Stanley) #11

It’s like “Should have got a Sony.” as opposed to “Should have gone to Specsavers!”

Sam x

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