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Doh silly me

You would think with two different camera’s I’d never have camera equipment problems.

Well I just went to take some product photo’s with my expensive Pentax only to find no battery life.

So to the draw for more batteries and only 2 left and I require 4.

Not so bad I think I could try my tiny Samsung compact camera only yikes I’d forgotten how to find the little memory card bit, You know the bit you open to take out the card so you can shove it into the laptop slot to download.

I’ve just spent 10minute turning it over and over as I’ve not used it for months and months.

Oh silly me it’s in the same opening as where the batteries go DOH!

Anyone else not use something techie for a while and forget how it works or is it just silly me lol


Oh your not alone… I have often tried to use something and can’t find power switches or forgotten what it can actually do.

Being 31 I shouldn’t be as bad as I am with technology but all these new fangled doohickies just confuse me :blush:

Hubby on the other hand is a wizz with techie things, being a software developer I guess it’s a good job lol but he just takes things off me now and fixes them for me.

I went to add some cards onto Craft juice a couple of weeks ago after not going on there for a few months and couldn’t remember my password, then couldn’t remember which URL to use to add the cards, it took me nearly half an hour to do something which normally takes a few minutes!

Lol! Just the sort of thing I would do! Mx

Thank goodness it’s not just me then :blush:

Numpty. xx