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Who's who at Folksy HQ

(Stephanie Guy) #1

@SianFolksy it’s been really lovely having our Treat Captain on the forums this week, I feel a lot closer to Folksy than I have ever felt before.

There have been one or two other authoritative sounding contributors too, and it made me wonder who you all are and what your responsibilities at Folksy HQ and Discourse are.

Can one of you please give us a brief overview?

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

Yes, it would be nice to know who’s who :slight_smile:

(James Boardwell) #3


Good idea.

Well, we’re a team of four staffers and a couple of helpers. Some feel a bit reluctant to be out out. I suggest we all individually say hi in our own way.

Me then. I’m James. I started Folksy with a chap call Rob in 2006 (we didn’t launch until 2008) after leaving the BBC where I worked on developing apps and web services. I still run the company, working part-time. When I’m not working on Folksy I design software and applications for clients. Over the last 15 yrs I’ve accumulated 3 boys, 3 bikes, 2 cats, 1 dog and a wife, Emma, and I live in Sheffield on the edge of the peak district. Craft - and particularly craft skills - mean a lot to me. Having skills to make things yourself seems like it’s been in the decline since I was young (now 43 so that was a while ago) and I want to help people with those skills to make the most of them to encourage others to learn.

This is nice. What do you all do, behind the invisibility cloak of the web?

(Margaret Jackson) #4

Hi James, nice to see you on the forums. Great idea for a thread Stephie. Look forward to the rest of the team introducing themselves.

(Little Ramstudio) #5

Hi James, great to hear a little more about those mysterious Folksy Bods.

3 Bikes, must be looking forward to the 'Grand Depart; this year?

(Sian ) #6

Errrm, hi. I guess you kind of know me already but hello again! I’m Sian, I’ve been a seller (and buyer) on Folksy since the day after launch in 2008, which seems like 100 years ago. I joined the Support staff here in Sheffield in early 2011. As we’re such a small team, and because most of us are part-time, we all tend to get stuck in wherever needed - my role currently sits somewhere between Support/Community/Admin/Content/Cake acquisition.

When I’m not accidentally volunteering all my spare time to Folksy (I just love you all too much), I enjoy walking and daydreaming in or about the Peak District, but mostly I try to avoid doing DIY and I draw/paint a lot.

(Stephanie Guy) #7

Sian it never even occurred to me that you might be a folksy seller! What’s your shop, I’d love to go and have a browse around.

(Sian ) #8

It’s here, but don’t tell anyone (also don’t look too closely, I don’t spend enough time on it) :wink:

(Joy Salt) #9

Sian It looks brilliant. I’ve favourited you so I can take a browse later. xx

(Margaret Jackson) #10

Sian I had no idea you were an artist! Just had a look at your shop your work is lovely!

(Stephanie Guy) #11

Sian where have you been hiding? You should join us on the daily art thread!

(Sian ) #12

@JOYSofGLASS @Louisa15 Thanks very much! :blush:

[quote=“StephanieGuy, post:11, topic:165”]
where have you been hiding? You should join us on the daily art thread!
[/quote] Maybe, one day :slight_smile:

(Trevor Harvey) #13

Come on Sian, don’t be shy - they let me in there so you’ll be more than welcome…! :slight_smile:

Your work is really nice!

(Nifty) #14

I was expecting to see sock monkeys :monkey:

(Diane Keeble) #15

Your shop looks fab Sian!

(Susan Bonnar) #16

Great thread @StephanieGuy! Loving hearing the back stories and really love your shop @SianFolksy :smiley:

(Helen Smith) #17

Me too! Although I do love the art, I so wish I could paint

(Margaret Jackson) #18

Everyone can paint, the ones who paint well have practised a lot more that those who don’t!

(Susan Bonnar) #19

@Louisa15 I’m sure that’s true but it is instinctive to some people! 1 of my 3 children can draw and paint really well - always has been able to - even as a toddler would sit with crayons and wow the nursery staff!!

(Margaret Jackson) #20

That’s true, some people take to it instinctively and others don’t, but I think what I sort of meant was that anyone can have a go, as long as you have fun trying it doesn’t matter if the result isn’t good enough to hang on a wall :smile: