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Why I should stick to buying from Folksy sellers

I’ve been doing a fair bit of shopping for Christmas gifts from Folksy, all have arrived safe and sound, beautiful condition, just what I was looking for.

But a couple of items I bought elsewhere (the Dark Side, shock horror!) It was only because the items were just the right size for what I needed, and the ones available on here were either too large or too small.

Placed my order…eagerly awaited delivery of two items from the same seller, which were meant to be posted next day, first class. A week later they haven’t arrived. Ten days later…still no show. I message the seller to check and see if they’ve been posted. No reply. 24 hours later…still no reply. I know that I don’t always get online much when I’m really busy with commissions, but after 48 hours and still no reply I open a case. Finally get a reply from the seller. She’ll post replacements if the items haven’t arrived in a few days. Fair enough.

A few days later, and the items haven’t arrived, so I let her know. She says she’ll post replacements, but it won’t be until the end of the week (last Friday), but she’ll send 1st class, signed for. So really they should have arrived Saturday, Monday or Today. Still nothing arrives. I know the post gets slower this time of year, but I sent 30 parcels out yesterday, and most have arrived today.

It’s annoying, because it was (for me) a lot of money (£50), if they don’t arrive soon I’ll have to ask for a refund, but that takes time, and I’m left without the special gifts I’d ordered for my mum and sister :frowning:

I don’t have the funds available to buy from elsewhere until I get the money refunded, so it’s unlikely I can get what I needed before Christmas now.

I’m sticking to buying from Folksy now - quick and friendly service from everyone I’ve bought from!


That’s not good at all Sara.

What a faff for you when your organising your Christmas gifts.
I hope it all gets sorted for you one way or another.

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I have bought from there before, had no problems. But it’s such a vast site. They can’t police it as well as here. And loads of copyright stuff and factory produced. But I still get more orders there. But my fav place is Folksy, which is why I came back. But still have one there also.

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Oh - that’s not good - hope you can get it sorted! I buy equally from there & here :slight_smile: (Often from people over there that used to be on here!) I have to say though that I have made enquiries to 2 shops on here in the last week and have had no reply at all. Not sure if they are not getting the messages or are not answering! Have repeated the messages but will have to go elsewhere if they don’t reply! Hopefully they are just really busy with orders! x

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Maybe there are in the bad weather area Susan? Internet and electric maybe down? @dottiedesigns

48 hrs is a long time to wait for a reply, if somebodys running a business they should make sure their communications are up to scratch.


Indeed - that’s why I am hanging on in hope! Although as my husband continually reminds me - “normal” people are quite often not available on line all day every day or continually checking messages!! x


Lol! He’s probably right Susan! @dottiedesigns having said that, if you are a online business, you need to check on your online business.

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I have always thought that Folksy should have an alert on the seller dashboard that someone has contacted you like they do on E… You only know if you go to your email account and they can be easily missed if people have a large volume of emails.

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My messages often end up in my junk mail folder - I have to remember to check a few times a week so that I don’t miss replying to anyone. Frustrating, though, when you don’t get a reply, isn’t it.

Years ago there was an internal message system like E has - I much preferred it. I didn’t lose messages in my junk mail folder, or have to spend ages looking for an old message - they were all there in one place. Wish they’re bring that back.


Well, the good news is that the parcel arrived today - yay! The items are beautiful, but it was posted Monday, not Friday as promised, and wasn’t recorded delivery, and not even a business card inside, let alone a note by way of apology for the delay.

But the recipients will love them, and they got here in time, so that’s what counts :slight_smile:


So glad everything’s worked out fine Sara.
You can breathe a sigh of relief now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Phew! All good in the end x

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Will you leave feedback ? If you do maybe you should mention poor communication, bad buyer experience.

I’m torn - the items are beautiful…but it was poor service. But I feel mean leaving feedback that’s not positive, even though it’s true.

Why not :slight_smile:Leave Positive Feedback but a negative comment about the service.

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Don’t feel mean about leaving a mediocre review (that’s why the darkside has the star rating system).
Earlier this year I bought something on the dark side from India - arrived quickly but was the wrong thing, took 12 days to respond to my messages (shop was still open, not even an auto reply acknowledging my message), promised to send out the right thing ASAP but 2 weeks later still not dispatched (I had to chase as no message or anything from them), eventually got the right thing 8 weeks after ordering. I left a 3 star review and saying that whilst the item was nice, the service was poor detailing the delays and lack of communication - these things are important if you are purchasing presents or materials for commissions like I was. They had the audacity to ask me to increase my star rating, I refused and gave them some suggestions as to how to handle it differently next time.


Yes, I’ll leave a good rating for the product but politely mention the not great communication, I think. Thanks all :slight_smile:

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I was looking for something yesterday and my first port of call was Folksy, but unfortunately couldn’t find what i wanted and ended up on the other side. we just don’t have the amount of sellers here. hardly any tech things at all. Really disappointing.