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Would you buy from a shop braking copyright/trademark?

I was looking for a certain item as a birthday present so I thought I should support fellow folksy sellers by looking here first

I did find something really lovely I know my friend would love. However I noticed in the same shop the seller was selling items that were trademark infringement items. I felt I couldn’t support a shop that was selling illegal knock off’s even if I bought a legal item.

My thoughts being if they are willing to sell illegal items what sort of shop would I be dealing with? What else would be wrong?

Would you be put off from buying anything from a shop that had Trademark and/or copyright infringement items in it?

This is a difficult one in a way. As a designer/maker I’d want my items to be respected and not be copied exactly, so I extend that courtesy to other businesses, no matter how large or small their turnover. So knowing what I now know, I would not purchase on principle.

Having said that though, before I set up my own business and learnt all about copyright infringement and brand protection, I would’ve bought those items.

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No I wouldn’t - someone somewhere designed the original and, as a designer/maker myself, I can’t support anyone who steals another person’s designs, however many other people are doing it and getting away with it. I’d hate it if it happened to me, so I wouldn’t buy from them at all.


Nope. However lovely the item was that I wanted, if the shop is selling other things that break copyright rules, then I won’t touch them with a bargepole.

I had this problem when I made embroidery patterns and it’s absolutely annoying! No matter how nice an item may be that has been copied, you can’t beat the original, the original designer’s creation! Don’t settle for cheap imitations. x

No I wouldn’t, I don’t want to support a shop breaking copyright/trademarks.

I wouldn’t consciously buy from shops breaking copyright but when I go searching for an item eg: ‘red bag’ and the search comes up with the red bag I want to purchase I generally pop it in the cart and buy it. I don’t always look through the other items in the shop, so if they were selling copyright items I wouldn’t know.


I think that would be like me the only thing was this time I thought I wonder what other nice things might be in this shop. I wish I’d not looked further now :frowning:

Yes but on a brighter note Eileen @EileensCraftStudio, if you didn’t look you’d have been non the wiser! P.S Eileen, I’ve been browsing your lovely Hand Knits again!! x

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No, I wouldn’t buy from them either…


No I wouldn’t consciously buy from a shop breaking copyright/trademark rules, either.

Definitely not - although like Jan, I wouldn’t necessarily check the rest of the shop out.

Must admit I don’t think I would know if someone was selling copyrighted items.
I will admit I had two keyrings iny shop that I have now removed as I don’t know if they would have been classed as illegal.
As the had cartoon characters on.
Do you think that was the beat thing to do?

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Yes you did the correct thing if you are using cartoon characters those character will be copyrighted to the artist and might even be trademarked as well to the cartoon company.

I’m really pleased I read your thread. Cos I didn’t even think.
It’s silly really cos.I know I’d be upset if someone used my design.

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I’m so glad to see you are all so high-minded. I was starting to feel like I was the only person in the world not making Minions related items.


I think most crafters wouldn’t buy copyright items but I understand why some people do. I’m guilty of buying copies of My Little Ponies 30 years ago for my daughter, She had a few originals but they were so expensive I bought the copies to add to her herd of ponies.

Yesterday I was in Tesco and they had a small Minion plushy for £12.99, a couple of young kiddies excitedly asked their mum if they could get one each, she said… ‘I can’t afford those, I’ll have a look on ebay or in £ Land’.
I must admit that I couldn’t blame her.

I don’t blame her. Toys from kids popular cartoons or films are terribly expensive.
My nephew just had his birthday and loves teenage mutant ninja turtles and avengers.
Just for pj’s with turtles on cost me £10.
That was his only present.
My sister spent nearly. £100 on branded toys for his birthday.
It’s crazy.

I agree, I think a lot of the big corporations need to take some sort of responsibility, some of the items I’ve seen in the big shops are selling at expensive prices although the items are often made cheaply.

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I completely agree.
Must admit I brought him a thor action figure for Xmas. It cos £12 and broke the second I took it out of the packaging.
I wrote to the company but never herd back.
Luckily I got a full refund from the shop.
But was shocked it broke so easily especially as it’s a kids toy.