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Writing Descriptions

(Donna) #1

Has anyone got any advice for writing descriptions? I’d love to make my products sound luxurious and tempting, but whenever I sit down to write one all that seems to come is “this soap is pink and smells like roses” sort of things. I know there isn’t really much more I could say about a pink rose soap but still, there must be a better way of putting it?

(Ali Joyce) #2

How about ‘This luxurious __________soap is a delicate pink colour and smells temptingly of wild roses. It would make a beautiful addition to any bathroom either for yourself or as a delightful gift…’

(Liz Lothian ) #3

Hi, I know what you mean. When I try to write something it sounds very plain, but if I try to change my writing style it doesn’t sound right. It sounds okay in my head, just not in black and white. Liz

(Birdandmonkey) #4

I always want to write a long description about the inspiration behind a piece but my items are from children’s drawings and that’s about all I can say!
I agree with Ali Joyce using words like luxurious makes your product sound very tempting. Maybe use a thesaurus to find different words (that’s what I do when writing essays to avoid using the same words over and over) .

(Donna) #5

That’s great @CalyxHandmadeJewellery I’d buy a bar of soap from you :smile:
I find if I try and get creative with words I just start using ones like lovely over and over lol I’ve never been good at getting words onto paper though :frowning:
@Birdandmonkey I hadn’t though of using a thesaurus. I’ll give it a go.
@handknitwoman lol I don’t even have the words in my head. I sit down to list things and my mind just goes blank :frowning:

(Christine Shephard) #6

Have a look at ads in magazines etc and make a note of some of the words and phrases they use to describe products.

(Rachel) #7

I was always taught to use Kiplings 5 serving men :wink:

Who - the product is for
What it is that the customer will get
When can it be used /is it available
Why they should buy it
How I can be contacted if they have any questions.

Rachel ps I have the same problem as I just sell beaded earrings :smiley:

(Pauline Hayward) #8

I’ve just found a similar problem, I have listed 3 new items in my shop but when it came to the description I was a bit stuck on what to say.


(Sian ) #9

Hello! Just nipping in quickly to say there are some tips on item descriptions here:

(Donna) #10

Thank you everyone for your wonderful advice, I have had a go at being a little more creative. What do you think?

In the description I just listed the contents, I’ve tried to be creative in the inspiration section :smile:

Donna x

(Christine Shephard) #11

Sounds wonderful Donna - I can imagine myself wandering through your rose garden and being surrounded by the fragrance! :smile:

(Donna) #12

Thank you Christine :smile:

(Karen Ellam) #13


I too struggle sometimes with descriptions.
Its easy to use the same keywords and phrases again and again. My main material is polymer clay so I feel abit like a parrot sometimes.
I do agree that using a thesaurus is a great idea. Its helped me on a few occasions when I’m struggling for ideas.
Donna @shropshirenaturalproducts Your pamper kit looks fab :grinning:

Happy crafting
Karen :art::blossom:

(Donna) #14

Thanks Karen, I know what you mean about using the same phrases. I must have used “this lovely soap” a million times lol

(Eileens Craft Studio) #15

We also have to remember people often don’t read the full description if its a long essay especially if they are using mobile devices to find something.

Don’t forget to think now what would I want to know in order to buy this item.

With soaps I’d want to know what was in them incase of allergies. I’d want to know size ie length, width, depth, and best to have them both in imperial and metric.

Does it have a smell or not, and if so what kind of smell.?

(Dixie Nichols) #16

I have reviewed so many shop item descriptions ( I write the craft people help site Handmade Lives)
These are the rules which emerged:

Don’t say anything that people can see for themselves from the photo ( so don’t say pink they can see that already

Watch out because your title gets shortened before the click through to the product so be sure you get the essential bit in first ( so selling a pack of handmade cards get that word pack in fast)

Don’t say who its for. You are not expanding your market by doing that you are limiting it. ( think “great present for a teenager” means if I am looking for a gift for anyone else I won’t buy it.

No reassurances they have the opposite effect So made in smoke free, cat free environment annoys cat lovers and smokers and puts negative images into viewers minds on the same note don’t try and deal with problems before they happen.

Write as if you take a sale for granted

Minimum words people are sick of reading same old descriptive blah just how many times can one read the word unique?

Don’t be girly and breathless, do be relaxed and confident.

Approach it as a factual exercise and dimensions or weights every single time.

So those are my rules I think your new description is pretty much on the money

But loose the repetition So it would be simply You will receive…But I would perhaps change the title to Fragrant English Rose Hamper and change the term bath tea bags to bath soaks

If you call something a gift I am not going to buy it for myself

I would also add a line to say choosing the hamper saves X on buying the items individually

Thats me done my advice site is here

(Donna) #17

Thank you @HandmadeLives for some great advice, I’m going to have a nosy at your website now :smile:
Donna x

(Janet Walker) #18

Hi Donna,

You should take a look at candles in particular yanky candles. They are sold world wide and are suppose to be the top end of candle ranges. I know you create soap but they both had a fragrance of some kind and in your case can make the customer experiencing feeling where candles don’t.

the above link is to the page on qvc for yanky candles, you should look at their descriptions and get some tips from them and definitely watch a live show on qvc when they sell their candles. You world be surprised that they are talking about candles if you just listened without the picture. That’s what you want to get across to your potential customer.

Describe to them the experience they will get, how they will feel, create a scene and place them right in the middle.

Tip: they are not buying your soap they are buying the experience that your soap will bring when used, Show the benefits, show them what your soap will offer that other soaps wont…

i hope the above helps

Blessings Janet

(Wanda) #19

Brilliant advice as always, from Dixie of Handmade Lives. Gets to the point and easy to understand without all the jargon.

(Rebecca Hart) #20

Thanks Dixie, that is a whole lot of useful tips there :smile: x