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Product blurb?

(John Stead) #1

Hi Guys

I have started uploading prints to my shop but seem to struggle with product blurb. I’m not great at dressing things up to appeal to the buyer. Any tips on this? I seem to have fallen into the habit of reusing blurb for each print but changing the title :frowning:

Some people seem gifted in this area. I tend to focus on the visuals lol


(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Oh you could sometime mention what time of year the photo was taken, in what type of conditions.

Ie just as the sun was setting or rising or just before after a rain storm etc etc

You could mention more about the colour’s and how you were attracted to take that particular shot at that time say due to the way the light changed the shades of colour on the plants, rocks.

BTW love your photo’s

The one of the path to roseberry looks like the sun is kissing the hill top.beautiful

(Skybluepinkpolkadots) #3


I tend to try and be a bit funny, a bit matter-of-fact, and a bit personal. A mix of the three seems to work for me but I always check what other people are doing on similar posts in-case there’s information they give that I feel my buyer might find useful too - though obviously don’t plagiarise!

I hope that helps? I usually stick with the same descriptions though to be honest as I post very similar items. I use the title to differentiate them.

Kirsty x

(Ronald Koorm) #4

I think your descriptions are fine. Perhaps emphasise the colour or lighting on a particular print in the description, to draw the reader to that aspect.

Some potential customers may probably like a slightly romantic description of the image, others might be turned off by it, so to strike the correct balance can be tricky. Divide your statements into factual and opinions clearly, and you won’t go far wrong.

(Deborah Jones) #5

What you have seems pretty good to me.

I’m not good at flowery descriptions either , a brief bit of technical info ,dimensions , variations ,and postage details is about all I can come up with.

I like what Eileen suggest about mentioning time of year/day and weather as people who know the places in the photos will appreciate that info.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #6

Just a note about using the same description on lots of listings: I read somewhere last week (a post on Talk Folksy I think!), that Google has some kind of filter that “notices” copied listings and will either discount them or put them lower down search results. I’m not sure why, but possibly something to do with mass-produced items?
Anyway, my point is that it’s probably better to try and vary the descriptions a bit - especially in the first two lines, as those are what is picked up in / shown on searches.

(If anyone else can clarify / explain this better, I would be grateful - especially so that I know I’m not just waffling!)

(John Stead) #7

Very good point Lizzie.

Better get my writing hat on :confused:


(Bojanglies) #8

( @Skybluepinkpolkadots - completely off topic, but I have that dress too!)

(John Stead) #9

OMG How do you know that i’m wearing a dress! :wink:

(Bojanglies) #10

what else would you wear with a writing hat?

(John Stead) #11

Silly question @bojanglies I wear my Photography Thongs

(Skybluepinkpolkadots) #12

Ahhh I love it! x