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Yay! At last

I’ve been very excited about creating eco friendly cards for a while and I’ve finally done it. Just listed my new eco friendly range of cards which are 100% recycled and come in biodegradable clear bags.

Knowing how important it is to cut back on plastics, my square hammer finished cards will also be sent in biodegradable bags from now on and I’ll be looking into changing to biodegradable materials with my other items as much as possible in the future. :slight_smile:


That’s fantastic Tina - I think you will find a lot of people will be really supportive of you doing that. Maybe you should put it in your shop announcement too x

That’s great Tina, I try to recycle as much as I can :slight_smile:

Thank you, was about to do that but I had to rush to make dinner :grin:

Can you find out from the manufacturer whether they are recyclable or compostable and label them so that customers know how to dispose of them? Not all biodegradable plastics can go into the plastic recycling stream and need to go for composting at an industrial composting facility but not everyone realises this.

Yes, we do our best :blush:

Yes the manufacturers give you all the information about the biodregradable bags. I shall put the details in my buying from me section. :blush:

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Fabulous Tina. Hope you do really well with them! x

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Thank you Martine :slight_smile:

Well done you - no wonder you’ve been excited! The new designs are fab too! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much Christine, I’m really pleased they’re finally here :grinning:

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Fantastic news, I had try to research this a few years ago when I really did make and assemble hand made cards ,found the bags but at the time needed colour cards…
Things are heading in the right direction at last…good luck Tina your cards are lovely, wish there were girls in the family as I love your faeries!!! Have you ever read Lady Cottongton’s Pressed Fairy Book written by Terry Jones? I have a pocket version by my bedside… it is hilarious and the illustrations are brilliant. Do check it out!!
Sue x

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Thanks so much Sue, yes I was pleased to find recycled card of a good quality, some I sampled wasn’t so good.

I shall definitely have to check out the Terry Jones book, sounds great. :grinning: