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Yipee! Just made my first sale!

I am SO chuffed! I have just come back from posting my first sale via my Folksy shop! I know there are other posts on here saying the same thing, and I didn’t want to hijack those, so I thought I’d do a little dance on my first topic I created too!

Such a great feeling :smiley:



Well done Carol, hope it’s the first of many! :smile:

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:slight_smile: Hope its the first of many for you. Just got my 64th sale, still just as exciting as the first.

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Believe me, I just sold my 2318th item today and it never gets old - I still get the same old buzz. Well done on getting on the sales ladder,Carol. I just checked out your shop and now you’ve made your second sale - here’s to many more, your cards are lovely.

Why don’t you pop over to the August daily listing challenge thread and list something new everyday? There’s a whole bunch of us over there and the atmosphere is really great. See you soon.

@Rozcraftz , well done on your sales, too, your new scarves are absolutely fabulous.



make that 3 sales… couldn’t resist! lovely work, right up my street :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh! Thank you both so much! This day is getting better and better - not only was my first attempt at making bramble jelly a success, I’ve now made THREE sales! Wahoo! :smiley: :smiley:

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Congratulations @carollucasstudio! May the sales continue for you!

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Well done! X

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Good for you!!! The first of many!

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It’s a good feeling isn’t it :smile: your cards are really lovely so I’m sure the sales will keep rolling in xx

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Congratulations three in one day, way to go!! :smiley: heres to many more


Well done Carol, @carollucasstudio lovely cards. Also, great name :wink:

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Congratulations Carol - wishing you much success :smile:

Well done! I am still waiting for mine! Happy future sales!

Congratulations Carol. Its always great to hear when sales happen :blush::blush:

Karen :tulip:

congratulations Carol :slight_smile: delighted for you :slight_smile:

ps … your cards are gorgeous!!! keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Congrats Carol, your cards are lovely :smile:

I had my first sale and sold 3 things at ones! That was an AWESOME sale! Congrats on your sale! Thats the back broke! x

Well done Caroll,
I remember when I sold my first , it was a great feeling. hope you get many more sales.
Hope it continues, keep advertising
sadly my sales have dried up recently.
Need to push my advertising a lot more.

john xx