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Young lady on Front Page

(Marg) #1

Has anyone else noticed the young lady on the front page just now, the shop is Topperhats. With a veiled cocktail hat thingy. How beautiful she is. My niece is getting married next year and I had considered the idea of something like that, if only I could do my makeup like that, and if only, if only … Oh well I can dream. Marg.

(Samantha Stanley) #2

Hi Marg,

There are lots of make-up artists around these days who can do this kind of vintage styling, anything from flapper-girl through to the 1960’s.

If you want to find somebody who can do this sort of thing in your area, you probably won’t find them in the Yellow Pages, though. I would visit a boutique that specializes in vintage style clothes (There’s a good one in Worthing called Vintage Retro Daisy-google them or look on FB and you can see the type of shop I mean, there will be one in your area as they have become very popular recently) and ask them who they use to do the styling for their models. There may be several make-up artists that they use.

The other place to look for cards from these sorts of artist are vintage fairs, festivals and events and I’ve even seen magazines in country hotels and stately homes advertising all of these businesses.

Have a look and see what’s around and I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for,

Love Sam x

(Marg) #3

I love that look, but at 65 I might look as if I’m still in the past. My sister is excellent at makeup and it’s her daughter who is getting married, next July. So next year I can see a few shopping trips coming up. Marg.

(Samantha Stanley) #4

Ooh that sounds like fun!!!

Love Sam x