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Your featured item 1st April

(Hazel Rayfield) #1

I am featuring one of my encaustic art Lady paintings today …

This is lady Elizabeth, she is dressed in her finery, ready for a wedding or day at the races maybe.

A4 in size she is painted in hot wax so has a lovely sheen and her teal dress and hat are very pretty … painted onto specialist gloss card I have hard backed this piece which would look great in an A4 frame without glass, to really see the wonders of the wax …

I like this being able to add a link into the photo …

(Trevor Harvey) #2

Good morning, my featured item for today is my nice tranquil art print - it’s shown framed, but it’s actually supplied unframed to allow a personal choice of frame/mounting. Printed onto 200gsm matt finish premium grade paper with archival quality inks:

(Nifty) #3

So - sorry about this question, I’ve ignored this thread in the “old” forums - what do you mean by “my featured item”? Where is it featured? Do you just mean this is the item you are promoting today, or is there something more to it? Genuine question, I’ve been wondering for a while!

(Hazel Rayfield) #4

As I understand it it’s what you want to feature today … I just feature the item I am promoting that day, that said I don’t do it every day, just now and then :slight_smile:

(Trevor Harvey) #5

That’s how I understood it too… again, I don’t do it daily, mainly as and when I remember! (Memory’s not what it used to be as I’m getting older…) :frowning:

(Karen Ellam) #6

These cute red bow earrings made from Polymer Clay are my featured item today :grinning:


(Nifty) #7

Thanks Hazel - so it’s just a random promotion thread then. I’d wondered if there was some sort of featuring I hadn’t known about!

(Margaret Jackson) #8

Featured item sounds so much better than 'the item I want to promote today! :wink:

Lovely items everyone!

(Sian ) #9

Maybe it would be good to know why the seller has chosen to feature that particular item today?

(Joanne Joyce) #10

Hello, my first post to the new forum :slight_smile:
Here is the item I would like to promote today

I think I have done it right lol

(Nifty) #11

oh certainly it sounds better. I just didn’t know what it meant! I thought at first it meant something had been featured in a magazine or some such

(Nifty) #12

yes - might make more people read the thread if there was more info. for me, I just think of these threads as “post and run” and I don’t really see the point. but I know lots of others like them, I’m just not one of those!

(Margaret Jackson) #13

Well done on your first post! Lovely earrings :smile:

(Joanne Joyce) #14

Thank you :slight_smile:

BTW I love the heart button to like the posts

(Margaret Jackson) #15

I agree that it would make it more interesting for people to say why they’ve chosen that particular item on that particular day, it would make it more relevant and more worth reading, otherwise it does look a bit random.

(Margaret Jackson) #16

Yes, the heart button is fun isn’t it. There are lots of really great features on this forum, I’m loving it!

(Joanne Joyce) #17

I was looking around yesterday but didn’t post because I was getting used to it all, I am liking it :smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #18

I think this thread is an opportunity to show and see items that are buried in the depths of our shops but thatwe are still proud of. These items don’t fit anywhere else because they are not necessarily new or recently listed, and they won’t appear high on the search facility either for the same reason. I quite like the thread and will browse a page or two every now and then.

(Joy Salt) #19

Love the way you do your pictures. xx

(Karen Ellam) #20

Thanks. I’m always tweaking and playing around with my photos. Its becoming abit of an obsession :wink:

Karen :rose: