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Your Mission - should you choose to accept it!

Okay… am feeling like setting myself a challenge. As of this week I have made a whopping 360 sales (small fanfare please!) and have put it down to the fact that there are others out there who share my slightly warped sense of humour (if you look in my shop you will see what I mean!).

So… I am setting myself a challenge… I am aiming to hit 400 sales by the end of June. Can it be done? Well it averages out at 10 sales a month so it’s not unfeasible, but it means that I am going to have to push promoting myself on facebook, pinterest and stumble upon. My logic is that if I set targets, I am more likely to be proactive. Bring it on!!!

So lovely folksters… what challenges are you setting yourself this month - would love to hear your plans and find out if you are successful.


Right now my challenge would be to stop procrastinating and actually get on and take the photos of the opal earrings I made yesterday but I hate trying to capture the ‘fire’ so instead I’m contemplating a cup of tea.


My challenge, just for the day, is to make the extra little strips of curtains required to turn my granddaughter’s old house curtains into curtains wide enough for the window in the new house…
… but I’m procrastinating too and fiddling about wondering how to upgrade this computer from Vista to Windows 10
and where on earth to find a new supplier of strong suction hooks as the ones which arrived this morning, same supplier on Amazon who sent proper ones before, are Rubbish…

Back to the curtains.
PS camera is slung round my neck as I have managed to photograph the poppy suncatcher I made and I have also checked out Bob’s planned motorhome trip to Corsica so I have got something done.

PS Day has improved :slightly_smiling:
Just had confirmation that my ‘VIllager Jim’ photography day out in Derbyshire is ON (super birthday present :slight_smile: and received a returns label to send the rubbish hooks back whence they came (and they can refund their postage as well !!)

I really should do some listings but my challenge today is chopping firewood - I was so "fired (please excuse the pun) but that is waning fast.

Well done on your sales and looking at your shop I would say yes you should do 400 for June. :smiley:

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My challenge over the next few weeks is to clear out my 4 bedroom house ready for a move into a 2 bedroom flat - just heard my buyers have found a buyer :slightly_smiling:


I successfully kickstarted my selling motivation last month so I’m continuing that. Now my recent depression has gone (I have bipolar disorder) I need to work on putting my much neglected house to rights so have a daily cleaning challenge.

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I’ve taken my photos

and its gone on facebook even though I haven’t listed them yet. Have you done your facebooking for the day to help get you to your 400 sales target?


My challenge is to make more stuff! I made enough findings for 28 pairs of earrings yesterday-so I’m going to make a pair a day for a few weeks to see if it improves my viewing figures.

Love Sam x

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