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Your preferred table size at events

(Twinkle79) #1


I’m organising an outdoor undercover craft fair in a major UK city over the winter. It’s going to run for over a month and last year had footfall within the area of over 30,000 a day.

The space I have to work with is 6 metres (20ft) long and I’m currently deciding on space per exhibitor. What’s the minimum space you’d be happy to exhibit with, I was thinking possibly 4 ft meaning 5 exhibitors could fit in at a time. Obviously exhibitors can arrange their display upwards if needed.

Too much? too little? Ideally it would be great to give everyone a standard 6ft table but that would mean only 3 exhibitors at a time which isn’t great.

Opinions welcomed, thank you.

(Nifty) #2

I don’t do fairs any more, but when I did I liked 6foot. I agree that only fitting 3 exhibitors is not enough, but to be honest I don’t think 5 is enough either. As a browser/buyer I would expect to see dozens of exhibitors, not just a handful. How on earth do you get 30,000 in such a small space? (obvoiusly I realise they aren’t all there at the same time!!)

(Twinkle79) #3

Thanks Nifty. The exhibitors are going to rotate every 3/4 days or so so who’s exhibiting will be constantly changing. I’d love to fit more in but that would mean dropping table sizes even lower. Immediately around us there will be other exhibitors so more will be on offer outside of our space if that makes sense?

(Nifty) #4

yes, sounds much more appealing - sorry to rain on your parade! Now that I think about it, nobody would be able to maintain stock for a month without rotation (unless they were buying in of course!)

(Linda Wild) #5

Personally I would want a 6ft table, in fact if I could afford it I’d want two! There never seems to be enough space to put out everything that I want to show.


(Joy Salt) #6

I would want 6 ft. I have a display stand which is almost 4 ft so wouldn’t and couldn’t consider a 4 ft table.
PS: I really love it, on those rare occasions, when I get 2 tables of 6ft each. e.g.When the person on the next table hasn’t turned up and the organiser asks if you would like to use it rather than leaving an empty table. Yes !

(Roz) #7

I think it depends how much you would be charging. I think most people would say the bigger the better and 6’ is fairly standard. I would struggle with 4’ but providing the cost reflected the size available it might be acceptable. It also depends how deep the area is, I have 2 smaller 3’ x 2’ tables which could be angled/placed sideways in a 4’space.

(Amanda Robins) #8

6’ x 2.5’ is the standard size so you’d need to inform your exhibitors of the size of table that you will be providing. I’d definitely struggle with a 4’ table even if I built my display upwards.

(Twinkle79) #9

Hi, thanks for replies everyone and yes I’d definitely be informing them of size. 6ft unfortunately just isn’t feasible, we’d only fit 2/3 people in. I think/hope it’s better to have a larger selection of stalls and slightly smaller space each, they’ll have plenty time to arrange layout etc and decide a new one as event isn’t for 6 months yet. The event is over a few weeks and they can book numerous slots so hopefully time will make up for size. Really helpful comments. Thanks everyone.