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Your work and its new owner

We all enjoy receiving positive feedback and its fantastic when a happy customer sends you a photo of your work in its new home.
A friend of my wife bought this framed painting and sent me this photo of its new home on her wall, its a great feeling to know that someone, somewhere values your work.


Looks great it’s new home, always lovely to get great feedback isn’t it, especially a pic :slight_smile:

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That is wonderful, it makes you feel appriecated and blessed. :smile:

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Oh, the painting looks great in that room, the colours and style are perfect :slight_smile:

I love seeing customer’s photos of where my items end up, especially when they’re being used as intended, by the baby hedgehog anyway, the ducks weren’t quite the birds I had in mind, and the cat and dog… well, all garden wildlife welcome I suppose :wink: (Hedgehog pic courtesy of Little Silver Hedgehog who runs a hedgehog rescue which you can follow on Facebook).


It’s lovely when that happens. I’ve had feedback on some of my cards. One person said they even framed one of my cards! That meant a lot.


Here is a commission painting in its new home.Initially, it was supposed to be for their holiday home in Cornwall, but they liked it so much that they kept it in their home :slight_smile: .