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Yummy leftovers

Is it just me or do others have a passion for leftovers. I always find things taste even better when you reheat some leftovers or better still use them to rustle up a new dish. Sometimes I even cook more than I need to just so I can make myself a bubble and squeak or a quick throw it all together pasta dish or omelette the next day. I have just finished off some pasta I had last night and it was delicious :smile:

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Until I went on a carb free diet I used to look forward to making egg fried rice with left over rice for my lunch the next day, but of course you have be careful to make sure it’s not left for longer than 12 hours or so.

There is a limit to the number of times left overs can be recycled and still be appetising… A story from my young teenage years, my parents were heading north to see my dad’s mum just after christmas one year so my mum’s parents came down to look after my sister and I. After the christmas leftovers were recycled for the third time (too a tomato/ vegetable/ chicken? concoction) my sister and I decided we did not want to see it recycled into another meal so deposited it on the edge of the snow covered field next to the house where the foxes etc would normally come for scraps. The grandparent’s were busy asking each other what had happened to these left overs but we kept silent about their fate. Then the parents came home and asked ‘who threw up in the field?’, nothing had come along and eaten it in several days dispite the cold! There was much gesticulation behind our grandparent’s backs that the parents should end that line of questioning NOW and we would fill them in later, the parents found it all very funny when we came clean to them. Still don’t know if the grandparents ever found out the fate of the left overs.
Pasta bake from the night before (or from the freezer) is yummy though.


We enjoy leftovers the next day or frozen away in the freezer for another day.

We always do extra homemade stews, soups extra steamed veggies, just so there’s extra’s to use up the next day or freeze in single portions for another day.

I have homemade frozen fruit crumbles, homemade bread and buttering pudding, spicey veggable soup, homemade chilli, and a a couple of small ham a leek pies for DH. Love love love leftovers :slight_smile:

Left over cauliflower cheese cold, makes the most yummy next day’s lunch :slight_smile:

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Joy yum yum yum :smile:
I had yesterday leftover steamed veggies with some leftover veggie sausages that I’d cooked the day before :slight_smile:

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My mum will often order extra or a large portion of chips from chip shop when indulging so she can refry in frying pan the next day…I’m not claiming its healthy or has ANY nutritional value but they are rather good with crusty bread and some eggs.

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There was recently an article by one of my favourite scientists (yes I’m that sad!) Michael Mosely. He was looking at the myths behind reheating food and the ‘rules’ and so long as you allow things to cool down properly before putting them in the fridge and make sure when you hear them up again you have them piping hot you’re generally ok to do it a fair few times with any food.
Apparently the main problem is people who use microwaves to reheat food (I don’t have one so don’t have this worry) but as microwaves reheat food uneavenly you can end up with sort of semi-warm pockets of food apparently where the bacteria hasn’t been killed properly. So that’s why most people get food poisoning from reheated food.

I love a good reheated curry the next day- the spices have had longer to infuse and they always taste fab!

Mind you- I’ve been known to cook a whole chicken in the oven when it’s been semi-frozen and defrost chicken breasts on a radiator and I’ve never given myself or anyone else food poisoning! Hahaha

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I know some people who won’t have leftovers. They like new food everyday. I don’t mind, I’ll have leftovers as I dislike throwing away food except when I have to. But I don’t end up with a lot of leftovers and often as I try to cook what I need and what I like to eat.

Yes, chicken can be ‘dangerous’! We have to be careful.

Love that your parent’s thought it was sick when they saw it! :joy:

Sam x

Cold pizza, if I get a takeaway I get a medium, happily eat it cold the next day, reheating ruins it, but always cool it before it goes in the fridge.

Living alone I regularly batch cook, many of my recipes go back to uni days when I catered for the house, so I have 1 portion fresh, a couple for the fridge and one for the freezer. Chili and curries are often better when matured overnight in the fridge.

Looking forward already to next week’s left over Cottage Pie from tonight. The second day’s, matured (and in this case it will be frozen) is always that bit better.

I love my hubby’s left over curry. It always tastes better the next day. Although I do keep rice, on watching Dr Moseley’s programme yesterday, rice should not be kept for very long, something about toxins which aren’t destroyed by microwave.
At new year we had our left over Goose, actually it was too big to fit into our small oven, so on Christmas day we had to cut it in two to get it into our smaller roasting tin. But we did put the spare half of Goosie in the freezer until we used it for New Year’s day. There’s a certain satisfaction in using up leftovers.