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What to have for supper

Well today i’m busy making more cards after the last lot got stolen and I wondered what everyone is having for dinner tonight! hot chips with fish for me. Gabrielle

Sounds nice. Love fish and chips.
We are having vegetarian burgers.

I still can’t believe those horrible people stole your cards.
How is the restocking going?

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well I had to pay the shop now so done that and its going a bit slow as I had to repress a whole lot of flowers which takes forever.I make pressed flower cards. It was a break in and they stole my cards can you believe it.I have made 5 so far bit slow but should have enough to stock up the shop again by next week. I love vegeterian burgers. I was feeling a bit lonesome so came online for a chat as everyone is out and about empty house.

Very sad to hear about your cards.
We’re making turkey burgers tonight. Discovered turkey mince for the first time a couple of weeks ago and haven’t looked back since.

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well the good thing is there where only about 10 that where stolen but still I wonder why people need to steel the things you make by hand!

I know how you feel. I’m at home on my own too.
I have been sorting some of my photos. as they weren’t very good.
People will steal anything if they think they can make a few quid.
My other half had his mobile stolen out of his pocket along with some money and a keyring.
I can understand the phone and money but the keyring.
It’s silly.

I’m sorry for your stolen items…hope a nice dinner make you feel better - if possible!

I’m making brown rice with dried mushrooms.

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That was very nasty sorry for you, i actually sold my house and Im moving up to Whales.

lovely I love brown rice with mushrooms.x :smile:

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I used to make this dish with risotto (yummy!), but I find brown rice easier to digest and full of fibre. It also keeps my stomach full for longer periods and cuts down the desire to snack…that is eating something sweet!

sorry to hear you’ve had your cards stolen :frowning:

I’m planning on having a sweetcorn and mushroom omlete. :slight_smile:

So sorry that you had a theft , but at least you are getting going again .
We are having mixed fish curry so easy to make , we have in the lakes mr viccis
Curry paste and it’s the best .

Oh that sounds nice, and the hens have been laying like mad - I might just have that for supper tonight

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mushroom omelet with chips is always nice. I love omelets. What we would do without them i do not know!!

Thank you. I put the jewellery up so long and will now do the cards today.x