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12 Days of Folksy 2021

Does anyone know if there is going to be a 12 days of Folksy on Instagram again? It is just such a busy time of year I would quite like to know the daily themes in advance so I can get onto Canva and get some posts ready!



Yes there is going to be Kirsty - Link at the bottom xxxxxx

twelve days of christmas


Perfect. Thank you. :blush:

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Yes, it was in the Folksy sellers newsletter on Tuesday :grinning:


Not on mine - just themes of the day and the Christmas campaign and fraudulent cards… unless I missed a bit!

Got it from the blog though - I should have thought to look there.


That’s really odd!!
The email we sent out was this one -
We sent that on Tuesday. It sounds like you got a really REALLY old one.

Just looked again - totally my fault. The folder is sorted with the old dates at the top and when I looked at the top one it was a Christmas one from last year so I thought it was the current one! I can’t find the most recent one at all so I don’t know what I have done… Mail has been very odd recently. Sorry for that!


Phew! Thanks for letting me know Kirsty.

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