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15% OFF SALE is a good idea?

Hi everyone,

I wonder, if I would run a 15% OFF SALE for a week would it increase the traffic in my shop or need to be more, more like 20% OFF or less? What would make you think that woow, that is a great sale, let’s check it out?
I have lots of ready to make stock, quite lot of them are unique and since I am closing my shop (for a long 6 weeks holiday) int he middle of November I am thinking to clear some stock out. Just deciding what is the best option, best sale, where else to promote and how big the promotion needs to be:)

It might do, I just added a clearance section to my shop and made my first sale on here since January, so it might entice people who are early bird shopping for Christmas!

But if I make a SALE album, people would still not see it unless they go to my albums, or?

I’m a little confused why would they not see it if you put it an album/collection? The listings in your shop stay the same, the album are just an organisational tool for your shop, they don’t have to click on the album to see the stuff they can do that by scrolling through the pages on your shop.

You could always change the order of your listings, move the sale stuff to the front page so it’s the first they they see when they land on your page. I guess it also down to how much tagging and promo you do for them to find you items.

OOh I see, didn’t know you can shift things around in your shop:) Thank you for your help! Finally I made up my mind and thought it is easier if I don’t change every price in my shop but have a % discount on everything:) So from today until Thursday night I have 20% OFF sale running on everything (use “3DAYSALE” at checkout:)

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You’re welcome, happy to help :smile:

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