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Sales with % reductions don't work ?!?! discuss :)

Hi all !

So I have had a sale in my shop since Boxing Day running on to end of Jan - a HUGE 40% off everything. I tweet/facebook etc.

Had a small flurry of sales between Xmas and New year . However in January ? - one item then nothing, nadda, zilch …

In fact I have had more sales on ’ E’ where I don’t have a sale on - bizarre eh?

Is this typical?

What are your sale experiences ?

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I don’t do sales so have no experience with this. However I just went and had a look in your shop and the discount code only appears on your shop front so if someone lands on a listing they don’t necessarily know about it. If you use the shop announcement feature it will appear at the top of every listing so if people do land a listing they will see that you have an active discount code and might be tempted to use it. Also people might be waiting until after pay day to treat themselves, january can be quite tough budget wise.


oh you are FABULOUS - thanks for that will sort that right away ! :ok_hand:

Amazing how you can be on here for years and still not maximise some of the features - that’s what I like about this forum always so helpful xxx


I had no sales at all from my SALE items so I abandoned it and returned things to their rightful classy places!

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well I have said I will have a sale on until end of Jan but after that back to normal!!! x

So my % off sale has now finished but I still have clearance section … and… now I have orders to post out , some items from that section too… LOL.

My conclusion is to not bother with % off sales anymore and simply have a clearance section instead - seems to work better for me :slight_smile:

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