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150 different designs in the store

I’ve just added my 150th design to the store. It should be a moment of celebration, but having been open since August, I’ve sold just 2 items both on the same day in October and both to the same person.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or whether this isn’t the right place for me but it’s sometimes a grind trying to come up with new designs.

I’m happy with my work, but then again, if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be trying to sell it.

I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet. I’m still got to work out more strategies for getting the work out there.

Wish me luck!

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Hi James,

That’s quite an achievement to get to 150 designs!

I’m wondering whether you might offer options on your listings, to buy ready-printed. Not everyone will have a printer which will do great quality artwork; and some people might just think it’s a faff to have to print it themselves and would actually like to buy a real physical poster which is ready to frame and hang - especially if it’s going to be a gift for someone else.

Also, a lot of your images would look great at sizes larger than A4 - but not many people can print larger than A4 themselves. Do you have, say, A3 printing capability?

You might then use the Variations facility to offer first the standard pdf, Variation1 as printed A4, and Variation 2, printed A3. Obviously the additional prices for the options would be quite high because you would need to cover your time, materials and the Postage and packing (cardboard tube or whatever) which is 0 for the standard pdf.

Just a thought.


My old printer was playing up when I started doing them and so I was fearful of trying to send out work in that way.
My nearest print out service is 7-8 miles away and that meant that by costings of travelling to get them printed would be prohibitive.
I am at present working toward getting a photo quality A3 printer but a good one is out of my range at the moment what with lockdown and lack of work.
My aim would be at some stage to get myself a large format printer but I need to walk before I can run.
Thanks for your reply it’s appreciated.

I think your work is great and really eye-catching. Are you on social media? It can really help to get your work seen, and with so many of us stuck at home at the moment, there must be lots of people out there looking for something reasonably priced and original to brighten up their homes. Taking part in Folksy forums is great too. Don’t give up and wishing you all the best.


Hi Carole,
I have a Facebook page linked to folksy along with an Instagram page. I also have a Pinterest page.
Facebook, however, won’t automatically link my pages on here to my shop because they don’t allow downloads.
It means I have to add them individually.
My biggest problem is how to get people to go to those pages, I have followers but I haven’t worked out how to interact with them yet.
In fact that seems to be my biggest problem across social media.
Thanks for your kind words about my designs. As I work from home I’m constantly trying to do something different, as I imagine we all are but getting no feedback often makes me wonder whether the work is as good as I hope it is.