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Starting for christmas

Hi everyone last night I was having a break from knitting my egg cosies and was cutting out some felt Christmas decorations for my shop as last year I was so late I couldn’t keep up and was just wondering when other people started to make there Christmas items.

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I’ve got my theme all ready and my ideas all sorted but I won’t start making until the Autumn. You are well ahead! It does get really busy in the run up to Christmas and, like you, I like to have plenty of stock ready. I know what I’m going to do and I’m very excited about it but I have a couple of other themes to think about first. Well done you though - be prepared! - you must have been in the Brownies. :blush:

I don’t have specific christmas themed items but I started applying for Christmas markets back in January (a number of the large/ popular ones round my way have already closed for applications), I think I even sorted out some of my lobby stall dates at the end of last year to make sure I got the prime days in December. Stock levels will get topped up in September when I’ve sorted evenything out after my summer open studios.

Not a chance! We’re in wedding mode at the moment: Christmas makes will occur over my school summer holiday. And that’s only if I feel it won’t be tempting fate: last year I had an operation on Dec 23rd!

Christmas?..who mentioned Christmas…aaaaaargh…lol