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2nd shop acceptable

(Debbie Todd) #1

Hello Folksy,
Is it possible to have two separate shops, but both linked to the same email and paypal?

(Donna) #2

Hi Debbie,
I and others have 2 shops. I think you have to have a separate email address for each though. I’m not sure about PayPal though as I have a different account for each :smile:

(Roz) #3

I also have 2 shops and as Donna said you need different email addresses for each but I am pretty sure I use the same paypal address for both.

(Helen Smith) #4

Yes, you can use the same paypal for 2 different shops but you do need to setup a separate e-mail address. I have mine forwarding to the same place so I don’t miss anything.

(Debbie Todd) #5

Thank you everyone, for your advice.
I have often wondered how to go about it.
Much appreciated.