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Two shops?

Anyone here run more than one shop? Am hoping to have some fleece for felting for sale next year along with some other sleepy products (no idea what yet!) but since it’s so different to my current shop it seems to make sense to have another one. Just not sure how to go about it. Would it be completely separate or is there a way to run 2 shops from one dashboard?
Thanks, Helen

Hi Helen @HandbagsbyHelen - looking forward to your “sleepy” products !

In answer to your question, I have 2 shops on Folksy as do many other sellers. In my case one is for my felt work and one for other crafts/sale items/destash etc that used to clutter up my shop a bit! I have to admit the second shop is currently empty but that is the plan. Sadly I don’t think you can run both shops from one dashboard, you have to log out of one and into the other which is a bit of a nuisance and easy to forget!

Good luck

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I have two shops, but have to admit that may main shop is now so busy that I don;t have time for my second shop, so will be running that down when the Plus account on it runs out next year.

You have to sign in and out of each shop to swap between them as they are completely separate, and have to have a different email address for each one (but can use the same Paypal account).

I used to have 4 shops, but rounded it down to 2 now. Jewellery in one and home décor/craft in the other, it seems to look/fit better. You will need separate emails to open multiple shops and as said before, log into each shop separately.

I have two shops, one for my film photography based Jewellery and one for my Twinkle & Gloom stuff, but my other shop has been empty for a while. I find it too hard to keep on top of both.

I had two as before I made jewellery I kept the more muted primitives separate from the brightly coloured items . This one and The Beach House. Like @GrimmExhibition says you need 2 emails and separate sign ins. I quite miss my other shop, I may stock it up a bit in the spring as I don’t think I deleted it.

I think the only thing is if you’re paying for the plus account the more shops the more cost.

I have another shop on here but there’s nothing in it. I would also like to sell things that don’t “go” with my main shop but feel I’d be silly to pay for listings when I’ve already paid for the Plus Account (and I certainly don’t want to pay £90 per year!). I had fabric brooches in my other shop for a while and never sold one (however low I priced them). I thought they were nice! Also can’t be bothered with the logging in and out of different email accounts thing.

I have 2 shops here and 2 elsewhere… just takes a bit of organisation to keep on top of it all! But I find that if one or more is quiet then usually one of the others is busier so it works out well in the end :slight_smile:

ETA : you do need to have 2 separate Folksy accounts with separate e-mail addresses but they can both use the same Paypal account. I’ve set up all my e-mails to forward to the same place so I don’t miss anything. I also often have both a chrome browser and firefox browser running on my laptop with each one logged into a different Folksy account so I don’t have to keep logging in and out to switch shops.

I have two shops - one for my ‘older’ designs and one for my newer designs. The main difference is that in my newer designs the colour palette is now much brighter and am focussing more on including hand dyed fabrics and more ‘people’ based scenes. I started off targeting the children’s market but now have broadened that out too. Ultimately, I intend to either close down my ‘old’ shop or else keep that for the textile or hand made cards.

I have used the same paypal account for both and like @HelenSmith I set an autoforward on my second email account to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Heidi :slight_smile: