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A bit of destash

Hope its OK to post on here with this lot but I am about to list this lot on that well known auction site but if anyone is interested I can do a listing here for any of it. Postage would be small parcel size - may be medium if several ordered together but will send at cost, if I can get it in a pip box I will send large letter. I am open to offers. Some pieces are slightly larger than measurements but have measured maximum rectangular piece you would get from each.

Faux fur: light brown 150cm x21cm, black 150 x 19cm £3 plus p&p

Velour type fabric £3 plus p&p
Purple 63cm x 84cm
Green 105cm x 60cm
Black 110cm x 95cm

Fleece fabric (black and brown may need brushing to get threads/fluff off) £4 plus p&p
Off white 56cm x 150cm
Brown 20cm x 140cm
Black - in one irregular piece, could get 3 x 22cm x 23cm out of it

Various pieces of plain fabrics (satin, polycotton, lining, tshirt fabric etc) £3 plus p&p
Too many to measure but all fairly decent sized pieces

Various decorative fabrics £2.50 plus p&p
Burgundy coloured lace fabric 110cm x 55cm
Purple synthetic voile/organza (?) 130cm x 40cm
White decorative organza 450cm x 29cm