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Clear Out: New Fabric (silk, cotton, polyester, chenille), Professional Skincare Gift Tags

(Soap n Things and Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium) #1

***UPDATE: last chance if interested :smile: Will be adding to eBay this weekend. Please email me via our shop if interested. Thank you x ***

Hi all

I am sorting through things we no longer want so I’ll be putting the following on ebay this month but beforehand checking if anyone interested.

Box of new fabric:
100% silk
Chenille (think it is)
Viscose / poly mix

Various sizes from curtain fabric books so some have the unusable tape area that needs to be removed.
£7.99 plus £5.80 carriage. I have kept some as I have a Victoria sewing machine that (believe it or not) I having trouble working. (ie keeping it threaded and for the thread to pull up thread from the bobbin and I so want to learn to sew)
Please message me via our shop. Payment by paypal or bank transfer.

When we were Bath Bomb Creations we had professional made skincare tags made.
Cream card
1 No. 5mm drill hole
Brown italic font
Each tags says ‘Hand Made’ then:
6 No packs of ten for Bath Bomb plus free overs with last sold
14 No. packs of ten for Bath Melts plus free overs with last sold
12 No packs of ten for Bath Bars (instead of bubble bars) plus free overs with last sold
Size 2" x 1"
Price per pack: £1.00
I will get as many in an envelope that allows to send for £1 postage but will need to weigh.

I’ll be sorting out moulds next.

Just having good old clear out.

All the best Lesley & Ray
Soap n Things and Grumpy Joe’s Pet Emporium