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A Bit Of Help Needed To Find My Shop


I wondered if someone would able to help.

I have 2 shops - my main one where I sell my Handmade Cards the other I was selling odd Craft Cardmaking bits and pieces.

I can’t seem to find my 2nd shop. I think it was called aneyefornature/de-stash but I’m not sure. I’ve looked through old emails and paperwork but I can’t find anything. Each time I sign in it goes through to my main shop and I can’t see where else to go.

Along shot but hopefully someone will be able to give me some advice.

Many thanks in advance

Your best bet is to email admin ( they should be able to help you out. (You would have needed a second email address to set up a second shop - if you can remember that it would probably be a big help to them).
Good luck

Many thanks Sasha for your advice.

I do have another email address I’ll check that one if not I’ll contact admin

Thanks again

It is still there @aneyefornature

Wow thankyou just used your thread and gone straight to it. I don’t know why I couldn’t find it:roll_eyes: