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Lost my creative streak

(Jshandmadedesigns) #1

Anyone else had the problem of loosing there creative streak?.
Was really busy up until the end of April, when my daughter who is a trainee teacher started having problems in her placement, so l decided she needed my support more than ever, so l put my shop on holiday for a few weeks.
Now l am ready to open again, and can l find the inspiration to create new designs everything has dried up, it’s so frustrating, what do you have to do to get it back?

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(Susannah Ayre) #2

Yeah I get that. I’m in one at the moment. I don’t do anything about to be honest. I just accept that I can’t turn creativity on and off and I just have to let stuff happen of it’s own accord.
It normally happens at this time of year when I’d rather be outside at the allotment and things- so I’m creative there! But that doesn’t help me sell things. Haha
I also find it happens to me mid-winter when I’m feeling just generally down and miserable.

It’s a fine line!! Haha I just expect it will come back to me- and it always does. I definitely have to be in the mood to get creative though! My husband is a creative soul too and he’s the same.

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(Sarah Eves) #3

Yep, me too.

Like @curiousseagull, I would also rather spend time outside in the summer, and right now I’m in a creative slump.
Last week I let it get to me, but this week I’m having a break from sewing and upcycling furniture instead :slight_smile:

Sarah x

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(Roz) #4

I always struggle when my shop goes quiet (as it is at the moment) - I try and spend my time experimenting with new techniques and trying to learn how to promote my shop better. It will return eventually - try not to force it but just write down any ideas you have and then when you have a bit of time and enthusiasm you will have something to work on.

(SaskiaN) #5

That just happened to me! I was totally uninterested in regular sewing, so started experimenting with freehand machine embroidery and really started working on my crochet. Then, suddenly, bam after about 3 weeks I started having all sorts of ideas and my sewing mojo is back! (Leaving several crochet projects unfinished, unfortunately).

I think leaving it for a bit, then getting asked to make a few new sorts of things and having to have a rummage through my fabric again to see what I had let me look at it all with fresh eyes. Good luck!

(Jshandmadedesigns) #6

Thanks everyone nice to know l am not on my own, will enjoy the break and hope for some sun to catch up with the weeds

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(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #7

I go to places like the botanical gardens or country houses, cities I know have great architecture to take pictures then I do some sketches and card models of what I’ve photographed. Mixing the shapes up really sparks my imagination. Sometimes even using a different media to draft ideas can do the trick, I draw in ink a lot when I get in a slump rather than my usual pencil. X

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #8

I can also feel your daughter’s pain, as a teacher of only four years I all too well remember the joys of training. What has she trained to teach? X

(Jshandmadedesigns) #9

She had done a 3 yr EYFS degree and gone on to do her EYFS teacher training and was on her last placement but with only 5 wks to go her uni had pulled her of her placement, due to bullying by the teachers who were meant to mentor her. She is devastated its to late to move so looks like she will have to do her placement in sept.

(Susannah Ayre) #10

That’s awful. I’ve been in schools for 10 years predominantly in a pastoral role and have got to know a lot of people over a lot of different schools over the years and unfortunately bullying seems all too common and I don’t understand why! There’s a lot of insecure teachers out there, regardless of length of service it seems.
I hope she gets sorted soon- and even if she does have to do it in september, it’s better than being subjected to awful people in the work place. The uni have done the right thing in pulling her out- though she may have mixed feelings at the moment.

(Jshandmadedesigns) #11

Thank you l agree shes pretty upset as thats all she ever wanted to do, so thats why l took a break to support her during this time, but l am confident she will get there in a new school.

(Susannah Ayre) #12

She will definitely get there in the end if she’s determined. :slight_smile: Though she probably isn’t feeling like that at the moment. Fingers crossed for her for the next (and final) placement. :slight_smile:

(Jshandmadedesigns) #13

Thank you for your kind thoughts they all keep he going😃

(Diane Keeble) #14

Your creative streak will come back when it’s ready. It happens to me too and I just try to do other things I enjoy. I hope your daughter gets back on track as well - it can be very hard for us as parents when they struggle x

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(Diane Burton) #15

Hope your Daughter gets settled in a better new placement in September, maybe a break will be good for her xx
I find when my ‘mojo’ does a bunk then clearing out my craft space/stash helps, sometimes I discover things I forgotten I had and that gets the creative juices flowing or I find things which I will probably never use (I’m still finding craft stuff from my childminding days of 6 years ago!) I pass these on to my sister (she has 2 young girls and also runs a baby/toddler group so makes good use of even the gaudiest of papers :slight_smile: ) If I get rid of things then it makes space for new stuff which seems to get my creativity in gear again

(Saltmarshandsamphire) #16

I feel like this quite often. Usually the grey weather puts me in a but of a slump because it means I can’t get out as much to find inspiration. When it’s like this I often find myself in my pyjamas in the evenings watching TV or reading and anything vaguely creative stops completely. It’s not something I particularly enjoy, but there’s not much to be done!

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #17

I do hope your daughter settles in her new placement, I experienced some bullying when I did my first placement. It was very unpleasant and I almost left, so glad I didn’t tho because I absolutely love my job! Fingers crossed for both of you xxx

(Jshandmadedesigns) #18

Just want to thank you lovely people for the very kind words regarding my daughter, she has had lots of support from everyone which will keep her going, l know she will make a faboulour teacher, and l am sure my mojo will return after it’s had a little rest.
Best wishes to you all