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A new change to the Facebook algorithm

(Camilla) #1

Have you all seen this?

Facebook are tweaking the algorithm again so it gives more prominence to posts by users’ friends and family. One of the consequences is that the number of followers you have will become less important, as the number of shares and comments becomes ever more essential in getting your posts seen.

So to get your posts seen, we’ll all need to think of even more ways to encourage comments and shares, or just create content that people really want to share!

(Diane Burton) #2

I saw this in my personal newsfeed but didn’t have a proper read, to be honest from a personal view I like the idea of friends/family post been given better prominence (sometimes they do get lost in other stuff) but from a business view it’s mixed feelings, I’m glad that number of followers is going to be less important (only have 160ish) but not sure I want to have to put more time/effort into promoting on there (I’ll soon have no time left for crafting :frowning: )

(Little Black Heart) #3

gah! :confounded:

(Rosesworkshop) #4

I don’t have any FB friends!

I’ve only ever used it for my business page. Currently my “Pages Feed” shows 5-10 posts from whichever of the hundreds of pages I follow that FB has deemed worthy on the day. For anything else I have to visit individual pages to see if they’ve posted anything!

Not a serious business tool for me until they stop penalising businesses

(Saltmarshandsamphire) #5

Oh dear, not great for business pages! And it was pretty dire to begin with!

(Karen Ellam) #6

I always feel like I’m waffling away to myself on Facebook. :sweat:

It’s all geared to get folks paying for paid promotion.

I think the good ol’ days for Facebook sellers has gone unless of course you’ve built up a fantastic friend following.
I’ve only used it for a couple of years and have 100 likes on my page but never seem to get a lot of participation.

I think Facebook only bounce the posts around to a handful of people and if their feeds are busy it’s impossible to be noticed.
I’ve asked some family members as a test and out of the 5 only my dad saw my posts.


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(Camilla) #7

It has changed a lot but Facebook is still the top social media channel in terms of sales for Folksy and accounts for about 90% of all our sales through social media. That’s not our Facebook posts, but Facebook as a whole, so all the referrals from everyone’s Facebook posts.

I think that’s because t’s still the most used social network in the world and has the potential to reach so many people (and loads more people than just your own followers). So it’s worth persevering.

(Chelsea Carr) #8

I am so in a love hate relationship with Facebook

I have a like page: 4600 fans, reach of 20 or less

I lost heart for a while and then just started again with a group, 700 members and I get to really reach people again and I am getting sales through it again too. Much happier now :smile:

(Camilla) #9

If it gives anyone some encouragement, we have around 61k followers on Facebook and our post reach is really hit and miss too.

Some posts seem to die a death but if you get shares and comments they can go far. This week, for example, our total reach so far has been 82k people - which is 20k more people than we have following us… and that’s without boosting or advertising.

It just shows how important those shares and comments are.