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Facebook changes again!?

(Helen Dale) #1

I’m Confused…facebook seems to have been making changes again. I can no longer see the number of likes and from my business page and I can’t seem to look at posts from pages I follow - I only have access to the ones I follow from my personal page. Anyone else having problems?

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(Pauline Hayward) #2

Yes I’ve been having them since yesterday. It’s annoying because I like to look at my post on my Business page as well as those on my personal. I’m not sure if it’s just a glitch or if it’s permanent.

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(LucyWithDiamonds) #3

Me too, and I’m the same I like to see posts from my business page as I network with those. I hope it’s a glitch and not permanent!

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(Little Black Heart) #4

oh no! i used to enjoy networking from my business page. it’s getting harder and harder to use facebook these days - i already can’t see comments and likes, i keep missing notifications, i can’t always read messages from customers, my reach has plummeted …now i can’t see any other pages or interact with them either…gah!! and i thought i was being clever by using instagram as my ‘backup social media’… but, now they’re changing, too! why can’t they just leave everything the way it was?! (IE: usable!!!) :wink:

(Jo Sara) #5

I think FB is having a tizz at the mo. I can’t change from my personal profile to my business one, and that’s been since this morning. Can’t see any reason for that other than a glitch :slight_smile:

(Pauline Hayward) #6

That’s exactly the same as me. It happened to me yesterday and it’s still the same today. I was getting so frustrated yesterday with it.

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(Christine Shephard) #7

If you go to your business page, there’s an option on the left hand side to ‘View Pages Feed’. Clicking on that will bring up your business page news feed.

It doesn’t seem to allow me to switch to my business profile though, but there is a button to ‘like’ other pages as my business page - you have to enter the page name first, then like it! Nooooo…too many changes for me!!

Looks like we can’t post comments etc as our business page anymore…

(Pauline Hayward) #8

Thank you for that info @ciesse. I can see mine now even though it’s a little bit different set out.

(Diane Burton) #9

I spent a frustrated couple of days last week until I found it down the left side :confounded: but I’m sure I’ve commented as DeesDesigns since then.

(Silvana Briers) #10

You can comment as a business but you’ve got to remember to press your little symbol and change to your business as it automatically puts you as yourself.

(Kim Blythe) #11

I hope this is a temporary glitch and not a permanent change…it’s a nuisance.

(Susan Bonnar) #12

I have had an awful day toggling from me to Dottie Designs to British Crafters, commenting as the wrong person, sharing British Crafters list shares to my personal page etc etc! Need a G&T!

(Christine Shephard) #13

Make it a large one Susan @dottiedesigns :slight_smile:

(Helen Clifford) #14

I spotted this change this morning, and a bit of Googling found this (and other) threads on the FB forums, where there are lots of very grumpy people!

It seems to be a deliberate ‘upgrade’, which looking at the dates on the posts, must have been rolled out to lots of us in the last week. Looks like we have to live with using the ‘View pages Feed’ in the left hand column, which does something similar to your old Newsfeed - and remembering to check who we are posting and commenting as using the little pull-down every time.

Irritating - and not good practice to suprise your users with a change like this with no warning.

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(Claire Mead) #15

I thought it was just me going slightly mad, I’ve had that for about a week now and it is a bit annoying. I like to be able to see all my liked pages and their items. I wish they wouldn’t keep changing everything.

(Little Black Heart) #16

yep i’ve just had a message from facebook, helpfully letting me know how to use this new “feature”… but it’s so klunky and annoying!! and i can only scroll so far down the pages feed before it stops working and goes blank…useless! :rage:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #17

I’ve not got this yet on mine however when I tried to post ealier the publish button was missing so I just closed down facebook and it didn’t bring up the message do you really want to leave this page. Which is does when you don’t complete a post and close instead.

I’ve just gone back in a I think 3 hours later and the publish button is now showing.

I think facebook is throwing it’s toys out of the pram again grrrrrrr

(Joy Salt) #18

It did a wobbly like this about 3 months ago. I lost my share buttons on my business page. Lots of people were complaining on the Facebook forums and it did ‘correct itself’ eventually but boy oh boy is it aggravating when they play their silly little games.
Also worth noting that my post reaches are abnormally low since.they made this latest change…hmmm

(Angela Snape) #19

So frustrating - but glad it’s not just me! It’s difficult enough as it is to keep up with social media without the goalposts changing all the time!:confused:

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(Helen Dale) #20

I currently don’t have the box on the left with the news feed button either :frowning: . Maybe it will reappear at some point. Very frustrating. I follow lots of businesses from there rather than my personal page which I keep purely for friends and family. Bah humbug Facebook!

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