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A new Instagram challenge for you all to join in with!

(Camilla) #1

This week I’m the guest judge on one of my favourite Instagram challenges #sgiew - or So Good In Every Way - and I would REALLY REALLY love you all to join in, so we get as much Folksy loveliness on there as possible.

The blog post below explains what you need to do, but here’s a quick how-to:

To join in just add the tags #sgiew and #sgiew_HANDMADE to photos of your beautiful makes and works in progress when you post them on Instagram this week (you can also go back through your feed and add them to previous posts) and also make sure you follow @sogoodineveryway @incredibusy, @redtedart and @willowdaygram.

There’s even a prize - as well as a mini interview with me on this post…

(Gill Wootton) #2

Thank you for the info Camilla will be joining in I love IG


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(Karen Ellam) #3

Ohhhhh I love Instagram too.

I will have a nosey at that a little later while I’m enjoying a cuppa xx

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(JollySmall) #4

I’ll join in too :grinning:

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(Camilla) #5

Yay! Thank you all @rainbowsnmore @karenscraftybitz @JollySmall

(Natalie Franca) #6

Done! :heart_eyes:


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(Sue) #7

Followed and liked :blush::blush::blush:

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(Lynn Britton) #8

Hope it goes well for you all, afraid I wont be joining you as I don’t do Instagram I don’t have a smart phone.
Good luck

(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #9

Oooo i’m on IG i’ll pop over later today, thanks for the info Camilla :slight_smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #10

My smart phone photos are shockingly bad (don’t seem to be able to hand hold a shot and get it crisp/ straight/ properly exposed) can I do instagram from a PC using photos taken with my dSLR?

(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #11

Sasha are you on facebook, if so you can save your pictures onto your phone from there and then just share in your IG , you can also crop and lighten in your ig x

(Annmarie Ison) #12

I’m excited about this. I’ll join in:slight_smile:

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(Sasha Garrett) #13

Thanks Jacqueline, I’ll give that a go.

(Saltmarshandsamphire) #14

Ooh, I’ll pop over later to have a little look! :slight_smile:

(Liz Clark) #15

Yay, done. This’ll help me (slowly) get to grips with Instagram too. Thank you!

(Camilla) #16

You can download your pictures to your phone (or email them to yourself if you have email on your smartphone) and then upload them to Instagram from there. Lots of photographers do that because they don’t take pictures with their phone.

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(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #17

Joined :slight_smile:

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(Niki Connor) #18

I’ve joined in

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(Tina Martin) #19

Exciting, I’ll join in :slight_smile:

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(KateRoweDesign) #20

I joined in too :slight_smile: