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Folksy Friday success & thank you!

Hi all. Sorry, wasn’t quite sure where to put this but wanted to share!

I’m fairly new to Folksy & selling online (I started up late last year) & generally find the social media / marketing side of things quite awkward - it’s not something that comes naturally to me! I’d used Facebook before (but only really to keep in touch with people rather than putting my own stuff out there) & never used Instagram before. So when I saw about Folksy Friday I thought I’d get involved - it means I can get the Folksy name out there, connect with new people & also gives me a bit of extra content - I struggle sometimes when it feels like you’re just always banging on about yourself! :rofl: I’ve been doing a weekly colour themed pinterest board & then a collage to post on Instagram. The posts have been getting lots of nice feedback & interaction, plus they look lovely on my feed!

I listed a new pendant last week, posted on Instagram & it had sold the next day! I contacted the customer once I’d shipped, & as I always do, asked about where she came across my shop. Turns out she’d found me on Instagram, via a similar Folksy Friday post made by Pauline @JewelleryhandcraftedbyPauline So chuffed both with the sale, & the fact that all this promotion does work! It can sometimes feel like social media is just shouting into the void (does for me anyway!), so thought I’d share a success, & also a massive thank you to Pauline for the share!! :smile:


Ah that’s fabulous, I think Instagram is a lovely way to connect with fellow creatives xx


Hi Dee
Well done! I find the thought of social media quite daunting and the self promotion makes me feel a bit queezy. :grimacing::joy: It’s permanently on my to do list but keeps getting shunted down the list. Lovely to hear that it can pay off without taking over your life/creating time. I’ll get a crash course from my teenagers over the holidays. :grinning:


Hi Dee,
Excellent newsI am so pleased you have made a sale through my #Folksy Friday post! I have started doing them recently it is so good to know it works! Thank you so much for letting me know!
I love your work :heart_eyes:
It will inspire me to do more! :+1:t2:
Pauline :blush:


It really is - much prefer it to Facebook :slight_smile:

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Ahh, it’s lovely here on Folksy, with everyone supporting / promoting each other - it really does feel like we all celebrate each other’s wins together, so I thought you’d want to know! Thank you so much, & for your lovely comments :blush:
I’m definitely going to keep doing them (although I’m going to need to start getting a bit creative with the colours!)…would be great to hear if anyone else gets a sale this way. Like you say…it’s nice just knowing it’s all worth the effort! :smile:


I agree Folksy is very friendly and I will keep doing them too! :+1:t2: I do love Instagram and doing pinterest boards is interesting and fun! :heart_eyes:
Thank you for letting me know x :blush:


Great news, Instagram is my favourtie social platform, so good when promotions pay off. :slight_smile:


Your Folksy Friday posts look great, and keep reminding me I need to get sorted and make some too (well in a few weeks once the busyness has gone… I always end up getting distracted for hours when I’m trying to pick items).

Great to hear they’re bringing people sales!


Folksy is a great community and it’s lovely when people share each other’s work and help others get promotion and ultimately sales, I have done some Folksy Friday montages in the past (and like @konyskiw often get a little distracted when trying to pick items!) and have received some great feedback from others, I love your coloured themed boards, it’s a great way to share and discover new sellers and products that you might not always find yourself. :grinning:


Aww thanks @konyskiw & @BrambleandBurt. Yes it’s too easy to get completely absorbed with it! Started giving myself a time limit to do the Pinterest board while I have lunch, then the collage in the evening as I did lose a Friday afternoon or two! :rofl:

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Nice to hear something positive. I hate social media, especially Facebook but I do like Instagram, less drama and lovely photos.

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Oh I agree - Facebook is a nightmare! Even if it was super user friendly I still think I’d struggle with it…don’t know why but Instagram is just much nicer & easier :slight_smile: Had more interactions / reach there than on Facebook & I’ve had a business page on FB since I started. If it weren’t for the fact I have friends who’ve moved abroad (who I keep in touch with on FB), I don’t think I’d bother with it at all…

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Can I please ask how you do your Instagram collages? They look fantastic and I would love to do something similar, if that’s ok? Many thanks.

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Aww thanks Bernadette! :blush: Of course - the more the merrier! I use an online tool called canva It’s free, & I find it pretty easy to use (after a bit of playing about!) The web version is better than the app in my opinion, plus if you are saving images from Folksy then it’s much easier to then just drag & drop them into Canva. Give me a shout if you need any help with it!

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Thank you so much for getting back to me. I have had a look at Canva, is it the Instagram post template you used? Many thanks.

Hiya - yep that’s the one. Then choose the grid you want from the ‘elements’ tab. Then you can drag & drop photos into the upload tab. And then spend ages playing around putting them all into the grid…seriously, set a time limit or you can lose an evening…I find it quite addictive!! :rofl: