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(Gill Wootton) #1

Every week we get notified of any shop activity so this week I made this collage of mine and shared it on Instagram to try to raise my profile and that of Folksy @folksycontent, quite a few others loved the idea and are now joining in sharing their own so I thought others might like to join in too and maybe start a hashtag #Isellonfolksy Next time I will add a Folksy badge to the collage too. Could be shared on Facebook Twitter etc. With hashtag Will also try a Flipagram with them too.
Please join the more the merrier.

(Stephanie Guy) #2

That’s a really great idea, I’ll do my best to remember to join in!

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(JollySmall) #3

Thanks Gill. With your permission I joined in yesterday and got quite a few likes so thanks again.

I’m pretty rubbish at techy type things and wondered how you had managed to get the dotty background and to be able to superimpose writing - which app/s would you recommend?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I did warn that I’m rubbish with technology

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(Gill Wootton) #4

I use an app called Pic Collage very basic and simple to use (I don’t do complicated) it’s free and it works for what I want to make. There are 3 layouts choices, grids (this is what I mostly use) template and freestyle to start you off. You add your photos then change the background and add text and save. I am sure there are more complicated and sophisticated apps out there but this one is fine for me

Gill x

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(JollySmall) #5

Thanks Gill for the advice I’ll give it a go :grinning:

(Elaine) #6

This is super, Gill. I’m guessing you’ve taken all the photos from your phone (?) to make the collage and upload to Instagram. Since losing my iphone (I still weep to this day), and moving on to a very boring Windows phone, I’ve hardly used Instagram for displaying my shop items as the pictures are just awful. Is there another way I can upload decent photos from my camera to Instagram? Elaine

(Camilla) #7

This is a brilliant idea, Gill. I’ve added to our blog post about the best Instagram hashtags for craft and handmade - it’s in the section about Folksy hashtags.

Thanks for being wonderful and ingenuitive

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(Oh Button Me) #8

Oh this is a fab idea well done gill @rainbowsnmore pops of to do one of her own :slight_smile:

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(Gill Wootton) #9

Sorry Elaine I am unable to help I use my iPad which like your lost and lamented iPhone does take good photos. Maybe someone on here more technically minded might be of assistance.


(Gill Wootton) #10

Thank you Camilla I do have my moments now and then.


(Julie Maginn) #11

For something like this I would do the editing on my laptop then email the image to myself, open it on my phone, download it to my phone then put it on instagram. I only do this if it’s something I want to be more creative with otherwise I find the image manipulation within Instagram to be excellent. Fab idea @rainbowsnmore I am about to do it now!!!

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(Elaine) #12

Thank you, may try that :slight_smile:

(Tina Martin) #13

Great idea Gill, shall have to have a go! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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(Louise Foot) #14

Fab idea, I may copy that idea too but for my other shop, I’d struggle to get a collage of favourites on Folksy over a week

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(Gill Wootton) #15

Doesn’t matter if you only have one promote that as your most popular. Put a positive spin onto it.