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A question about quilts

(Jane Marshall) #1

I’ve just listed a new quilt and noticed that there seem to be two categories where it might fit ‘Patchwork quilts’ and ‘Quilt’ (under ‘Homeware’ - ‘Rooms and things’ - ‘Bedroom and bathroom’). I’ve put it under ‘Quilts’ for now, but all my other quilts are currently in the ‘Patchwork quilts’ section (as they are all, well, patchwork…). Seems as though there could be some duplication here @folksycontent? Any thoughts?

Jane x

(Camilla) #2

I wasn’t actually aware of that Jane. Thanks for pointing it out. It will have been set up like that a while ago, I guess to support sellers who made quilts that weren’t patchwork but also catch google searches specifically for ‘patchwork quilts’.

Could be interesting to testing which category leads to the most views?

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

There are patchwork quilts, there are applique quilts and plain quilts so it’s useful to have the different sub catogories. You can also have machine embroidery quilts and hand embroidered quilts which can include crewel embroidery quilts and cross stitch quilts.

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(Jane Marshall) #4

Thanks Camilla. I think the point you make @EileensCraftStudio is perfectly valid, but maybe this needs some clarification?? (Not sure how)

I will leave the new quilt in the general category for now and see if it gets any more (or fewer) views than the rest.

Jane x

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

That sounds like a plan :smile:

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(Sue) #6

Perhaps quilts should be a sub category of home decorations? What I do is essentially quilting, although I don’t describe it that way! Perhaps because I’ve never put anything in the bedroom and bathroom section before and have never seen it. Quilting is so much more than ‘just for bedrooms’ quilting can refer to any item that has 3 or more layers stitched together :blush:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

Indeed that’s what quilting is sewing 3 layers of fabric together in order to make a single thickness of fabric.