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A whole big pile of sewing patterns

I know I probably shouldn’t post these here, But as I had no idea what they were worth I listed them as an auction rather than folksy as de-stash.

Donna x


Hi Donna, vintage sewing patterns sell well and for good prices. So all the best with them.

I think you might also be able to sell them in your shop as commercial supplies.

There are a lot of vintage sewing pattern collectors out there.

I notice you’ve already got few bids otherwise I would have suggested selling them as individual patterns.

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Eileen, I did think about selling then individually but I have no idea how much to sell them for or the time to do it to be honest. :slight_smile:

Shame you haven’t got time to go through them all - theres probably a few in there I might have bought but all the best with the auction

Edit: btw I think even second hand patterns would sell at £1-£5 each so you may be doing yourself out of a bit of income!

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I’ve had them here for months waiting for me to do something with them Roz, they are just taking up space I haven’t really got. It’s a shame really as there are some nice patterns there.