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Dressmaking patterns

I have some Dressmaking patterns that I don’t want they are unused can I list them on here?

Or is it best for me to stick them on a well known auction site.

I did try and see if anyone wanted them on Instagram but no takers.

I’m interested if they are the type made from brown tissue paper, how many? And what do you want for them?

You can list them as commercial supplies, that’s allowed on here, but they’ll probably sell better on ebay.

Yes @sosewmegan they are the brown paper ones

I shall take a picture when I get some better light

Thanks for the photos, how much are you charging?

£2.50 each

Ok, sorry but I think I’ll leave it as I use old patterns for papier mache and these are modern and intact so of more use to a proper dress maker. Thank you for taking the time to post photos and prices.

Your very welcome I may pop them on the auction site. :blush: