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Aaargh! Frustrated with Facebook!

(Christine Shephard) #1

What’s going on with FB now? My business page has strange fonts appearing in some of the posts, but not all, so it looks really weird. The news feed no longer allows me to choose how I view posts, so instead of seeing all the recent ones first, they’re all mixed up, old and new, and I don’t know what I’ve already looked at. Why can’t they leave it alone?!!

(Gerda Austin) #2

Well … I have the same problem , everything is back to front ! Also my ’ likes ’ counter has stopped working ??? Hopefully things will sort themselves out soon !

Gerda :smile:

(Debbie) #3

Could it be to do with the new layout? At the top of my Facebook page every time I check in, it says:
Coming Soon: A New Layout For Facebook Pages

I haven’t signed up for it so Im assuming they’ll do it automatically, maybe thats whats happening with yours?

(Christine Shephard) #4

I have the new layout on my personal page already, but didn’t have any weird things happening with it when it changed, and I can still select how my news feed shows posts on there. My business page is still in the old layout, it just started misbehaving today. The news feed is the most annoying - I don’t want to see posts from several days ago mixed up with new ones, but it doesn’t give me the option to switch to ‘recent posts’.

(Jo Sara) #5

I’ve been like that since this morning (still on the old Facebook setup). No option to choose between top stories or most recent. It happens on and off all the time, but it usually sorts itself out within an hour or so. This is the longest it’s been stuck without being able to swap.


(Roz) #6

Seems to be happening to everyone now. Have been a few comments on fb about it. I have 2 pages and the newsfeed options have disappeared from them too. I’m hoping its not permanant as it makes the whole idea of facebook redundant if you can’t see recent posts. Can’t see the point of “top stories”, does anyone use it when they are given the option?!

(Christine Shephard) #7

At least it’s not just me then…lol. I figured out it’s only the posts that have external links that are affected by the changing fonts - whether that’s deliberate or not, who knows? Maybe FB are just messing with things in the background again.

(Jan Ryan) #8

On my business page I have the option to choose between top stories or most recent, it’s now in a box under the status box, don’t know if it will stay like that as things over at fb land keeps a changing.

(Sue Phillips) #9

Hi - yes news-feed order completely messed up the last few days on my business page. Everytime I log in it’s a completely different order. Also when I select ‘most recent’ on my personal page, it defaults back to ‘top stories’ the next time I go on. Glad I’m not the only one being frustrated.

(Suzanne Francis) #10

I’ve noticed my business page is looking a bit strange and it wouldn’t let me edit a post, Im hoping it doesn’t stay like that :cry:

(Diane Burton) #11

I’ve also lost the ability to change between ‘top stories’ and ‘most recent’ on my business page (thankfully not on my personal one) down the left side of my newsfeed all I have is my page name/avatar and a link to ‘edit profile’. Luckily so far the posts have been in a fairly sensible order and showing the more recent ones at the top.

(Emma) #12

I am getting totally fed up with Facebook. A lot of the changes don’t seem to be for the best.
I only have a very small number of page likers but hardly anyone actually sees the posts. Even my mum doesn’t get my posts in her news feed. On pages and friends I interact with regularly I don’t see their posts either, you have to go looking specifically at their profiles. Yet it shows me endless lists of people I might know but don’t, I liked one yoga page and am bombarded with adverts for something called yogaglo constantly! I think if it carries on I can’t see it as being viable for businesses if it is frustrating to use and you don’t even reach the customer.