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on my fb page there used to be a bit at the side you could click on to see posts from people you follow. its not there any more and wondering if Its just me that cant find it

If you look in the left there’s a link ‘see pages feed’ underneath the amount of ‘likers’ you have and your post reach figure, I must admit they don’t make it stand out (probably another ploy to get us to pay to promote)

A couple of weeks ago the ‘see pages feed’ from the left of my page together with the page likes indicator disappeared totally all I had was a page tips list. I reported it to FB and after about a week it reappeared.


its definitely not there now

Gill Yes thats whats happpened they have disappeared I will report it and hopefully it reappears, Can I change my settings do you think so it will show?

How do you contact Face book I am going round in circles trying to do this!

Mine is now on the right hand side of the page…
They just like to confuse us I think…

If you hit the down arrow on the top right of your page you get a drop down menu 'Report a Problem is at the bottom. Don’t think changing settings would help. Mine just reappeared after about a week with no explanation.
FB is a nightmare since they changed everything. Best of luck

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Thanks Gill Ive done it so easy when you know how!

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no not on right either! totally disappeared but have reported it now

I wish they would stop messing about with it all, I just get used to things and they change something, then I have to waste crafting time trying to work it all out again :confounded:

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just an update . my pages feed has appeared on the righthand page! i reported it to fb, had no msg back from them but its fixed! I was annoying it not being there and wonder if that affects the views